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Food tins
Collecting Tinned Food for a Local Charity

Below are some details of an activity undertaken by the HMRC group at Reading. Group members collected food tins, which were then passed on to the needy in the town through a local charity. Although this event was done at harvest time, it does not have to be.

Transform Work are keen to encourage all Christian Workplace Groups to consider organising this activity in the lead up to Christmas. This is a fine example of a group working together with others in the organisation to show God’s love to those in need in the local area. It is also something that all staff can easily be encouraged to join in to help support local homeless charities this winter time.

Great idea, what do we do next? Here’s a few tips…

1. Suggest this idea to your Christian Workplace Group. Brainstorm the local homeless charities you could support, perhaps someone in your group already volunteers in a homeless charity or has good contacts with a local charity already.
2. Once you’ve chosen a charity, contact them and see if they would like your support. Ask them exactly what they need.
3. Next, seek permission from your employer to use the company email to advertise your activity.
4. Advertise and galvanise participation from all staff, be creative and have fun – it is Christmas!
5. Set a closing date for when all the cans need to be in.
6. Don’t forget to write a report / article and take pictures that can be used on your company web site & tell Transform Work too – we love sharing good news stories across workplaces!
7. Last but by no means least… pray through every step, for your chosen charity, your colleagues as they get involved and employer too!