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Workplace Groups: Getting Started

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Assuming that there isn’t a Christian Workplace Group where you work (have you checked our database of Christian groups?), the best place to start is to pray that God will put you in contact with other like-minded Christians. Having done that, make sure that you keep your ears and eyes open!

Next, pray regularly for the organisation you work for and for the needs you come across.

If your organisation allows, try wearing a fish or cross. You will be surprised how often this can prompt contact and discussion between Christians. If there are organisational restrictions around the wearing of religious symbols, get in touch with Transform Work UK and we will give you some tips on how to address this issue.

If there is a public noticeboard or company newsletter, you may want to place a note for other Christians to get in contact with you, with the aim of praying for the organisation.

Once you have managed to make contact with some other Christians, even if it is only one or two, get together and explore ideas on how you might support one another in the workplace. This could include:

  • Coming together informally on a regular basis, perhaps for a coffee, probably initially outside the workplace, and pray for God’s Kingdom to come where you work
  • Share ideas about why you want to meet and what you would like to do as a group
  • Take a look at our website and discuss what other groups are doing
  • Decide on how the group might be structured and the roles you individually might play.

As relationships develop, think about how you might go about getting initial recognition for your Christian Workplace Group from the organisation, which will enable you to promote the group to colleagues.

Once this has been granted you can then explore achieving formal recognition under the organisation’s diversity or inclusion scheme, if it has one.

Throughout this process, do get in touch with Transform Work UK at an early stage either by phone, e-mail, or our website.  You will find people who will help and support you in getting a Christian Workplace Group off the ground in your workplace.

We have two booklets that cover the setting up and growing Christian Workplace Groups that will take you through the complete process. You can request copies by emailing us at Pdf versions are available for free download from the Resources section of our website.

Thinking of starting a Christian Workplace eGroup? Here's a short guide to the first steps to take.