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On this page we aim to include some ideas for groups to use at Easter, creative activities that help to reach out into the organisation and in a positive but appropriate way touch others with the love of Christ. 

We also include reports from Easter activities undertaken by the groups. We're still compiling ideas, and would love to hear from you. Let us know of any ideas that have worked well at office@transformworkuk.org  
Ideas for Easter Activities
Leaving bowls of easter eggs in foyer areas with a message about the purpose of Easter and the CWG
Unlike Christmas, Easter doesn't always seem such a natural time to be holding a celebration in the company; nonetheless, several workplace groups have used this as an opportunity to share Jesus in creative ways.
What are your top ideas for Christian Workplace Groups this Easter?
And the winner recieves a The Real Easter Egg from the meaningful chocolate company?
Share the miracle is a great way to reach out to others with the miracle of Easter - at Easter!
Meryl explains the periods of prayer and fasting that the PwC Christian Network as arranged through Advent and Lent
Reports from Previous Easter Events
The Sefton Council Christian Workplace Group put on a varied Easter display for staff at the Council - as suggested by their Personnel Manager!
A report on the Barclays Christian Forum Easter event of 2015
An Easter display stand at Tower Hamlets Town Hall, Mulberry Place
Hannah, who leads a Christian group in a large company in London, tells us on video about Easter events that have been held in the company
Details of an Ealing Staff Fellowship Christianity Awareness Week

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