Please Pray for Staff on the Frontline. 

In the last 31 years I've never seen them scared before. Christyian Ambulance logo w wh

As a culture, ambulance people can be dismissive, usually downplay most things, often inappropriate and always outrageously funny.  They're still all those things of course but there is an anxiety over all that. Specifically an anxiety that they're constantly walking into the unknown and may be taking the virus back to their families without knowing it.

Please pray for Christians that they'll exude love and confidence in Christ and for safety for everyone. For more conversations about faith and for the unsettling to result in looking for answers outside of themselves. As the Christians we have those answers and I pray we'll be ready to give them.

We're still growing slowly at CAA.  Just under 200 members spread across all the UK regions. Please pray for us, that ambulance chief executives and equality and diversity leads will recognise and promote us.  We need more believers to know we're here so we can support more and encourage one another.

Our closed FaceBook page is busy. Lots of traffic. Daily encouragements and new members all the time. Praise Him.

Cheers, Simon
Chair of Christian Ambulance Association 

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