TelephonePrayer Conference Calls 

Frequently an organisation has Christian groups that meet in buildings in different locations, often some distance from one another. In order to pray for issues across the organisation, it is helpful for Christians from the various sites to come together to pray. One way this can be done, without the need for taking time to travel, is by using 'speakerphones', where the caller's voice can be put on loudspeaker for all in the room to hear, and the phone picks up the voices of all in the room. This type of phone is quite common nowadays. If mobile phones are allowed in your workplace, mobiles set on speaker mode can also be used. If the organisation's procedures allow it, Skype could even be used! 

Detailed discussion and interaction is often more difficult when you can't see other people's faces. It is helpful therefore to have a leader appointed to coordinate a time of prayer like this and perhaps to circulate the topics for prayer beforehand. We know of situations where this has been immensely encouraging when done between groups even in different countries! 

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