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Many organisations have Multi-Faith Forums. These have many benefits both for Christians and organisations, and TWUK encourages CWGs to get involved if one exists in their locality
Never in her wildest dreams did Ros think she would end up in prison this year … but that is exactly where God took her.
Redundancy sadly comes to many of us at some time. Matt looks at our response to redundancy and what role a CWG can play in supporting people who have been made redundant
The Kaleidoscope Diamond has 24 additional precisely placed facets that allow for light, sparkle, and brilliance that surpass any other diamond. Does this remind you of our amazing, creative God?
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Ros Turner
"Christians are good news for every organisation! At Transform Work UK, we encourage the development of Christian Workplace Groups that engage with management in a meaningful way to be a positive influence for all staff and the organisation as a whole."
Ros Turner
Lead Networker
What's going on?
Tuesday 17th July 2018 7:30pm
To be announced.
Join this call to meet with other Christians working in the NHS. Hear the story of an occupational therapist who has set up 2 Christian Workplace Groups and is now meeting with senior trust members with the purpose of seeing that hospital flourish
Wednesday 25th July 2018 5:30pm
This is the first networking event for Workplace Christians in Banbury. If you want to learn how to be salt and light in your place of work, bringing tangible benefits into your organisation, then this event is for you.
Thursday 26th July 2018 5:30pm
Our first workshop for Christians working in the Oxford area! Come and hear from other Christians about their experiences at the workplace and learn how to set up a Christian Workplace Group where you work
Thursday 16th August 2018 6:00pm
A workshop for Christians in workplaces in the Bedford area. Come and hear how other Christians are getting on locally and be inspired over what you can do to be a positive influence in your workplace!
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