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One of our key objectives at Transform Work UK is to connect workplace Christians to share good practice. This is why our regional networking events are so important for us
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In the first of a series, Elizabeth looks at how individuals and Christian Workplace Groups can influence decision makers
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Ros Turner
"Christians are good news for every organisation! At Transform Work UK, we encourage the development of Christian Workplace Groups that engage with management in a meaningful way to be a positive influence for all staff and the organisation as a whole."
Ros Turner
What's going on?
Wednesday 23rd October 2019 5:30pm
Transform Work UK will be hosting a Networking Event on the 23rd October for Christian Workplace groups in Swindon and Wiltshire.  The event will provide an opportunity to talk and pray with leaders and members of other groups, hear success stories from TWUK and learn tips and lessons which you can use in your own group.
We will start at 1730 with the first 30 minutes being for networking and conversation.
Light refreshments will be provided.
Free Admission but donations would be welcomed to cover of staff and travel expenses.
Donations of £5 would be welcomed.
Thursday 14th November 2019 5:30pm
If you live or work in Edinburgh and are keen to meet other workplace Christians, this informal networking event is for you. Together we will share good practice on how to not only survive but thrive as Christians in work.   We have a guest speaker, Martyn Link, who will be sharing the journey of how Wood Group Aberdeen has supported the establishment of their Christian Workplace Group called Christians in Wood.
The Christian in the Workplace