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Elizabeth looks at what the Bible and nature tell us about diversity and equality, and how this is relevant for the workplace.
A report on the highly successful Barclays CWG conference 'The City Lights are On' held in Canary Wharf in November 2017
Part 2 of the series looks at tools which may help in determining a strategy for the group
A look at developing a strategy for your Christian Workplace Group which considers how the group can be a positive influence within the organisation. Part 1 of a series of 4
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Ros Turner
"Christians are good news for every organisation! At Transform Work UK, we encourage the development of Christian Workplace Groups that engage with management in a meaningful way to be a positive influence for all staff and the organisation as a whole."
Ros Turner
Lead Networker
What's going on?
Thursday 25th January 2018 5:30pm
Ros is coming to Bristol on Thursday 25th January and will be hosting an event to inspire everyone involved in Christian Workplace Groups
Tuesday 30th January 2018 5:30pm
Event for Christians in the workplace with Richard Borgonon giving his testimony and explaining how he shares the bible with senior executives on a one-to-one basis.
Saturday 3rd February 2018 9:30am
Networking event for leaders and members of Christian Workplace Groups in Gloucestershire, focussing on being a Christian at work and building links between workplaces and local churches
Thursday 8th March 2018 5:30pm
Come and meet other Christians in workplaces near you in Suffolk. Hear about successes and challenges, pray together, and pick up some top tips for growing and maintaining a successful Christian Workplace Group
The Christian in the Workplace