Meet the Ambassador Team 

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Our volunteer Ambassadors connect, equip and support workplace Christians.  They provide personal support to leaders of Christian Workplace Groups and also facilitate networking events in their regions to share good practice. If you would like to know more about being an ambassador please contact 

Femi Idowu sq Femi Idowu - Ambassador for the London Councils Christian Network 
His email address is
Rick Pearl Rick Pearl - Wales
Rick focuses on the public sector in Wales.
His email address is
John Kay John Kay - Wales 
John focuses on businesses in Wales.
His email address is
Dave L sq Dave Law  - Thames Valley Area 
His email address is
Matt Aldridge Matt Aldridge -Reading 
His email address is
Dave McFarlane sq Dave MacFarlane - Maidenhead 
His email address is
Adrian Holloway sq Adrian Holloway - Bedford 
His email address is
Malcolm Shaw sq Mal Shaw - Gloucester 
His email address is
Steve Matthews sq Steve Matthews - Liverpool/Merseyside
His email address is
Andrew Humphreys Andrew Humphreys - South East of England Area and Public Services

Andrew Humphreys is on Transform Work UK’s team of Ambassadors for the South East of England and is the Ambassador Lead for organisations delivering public services. All of Andrew’s work experience has been in delivering or managing different kinds of public services and he is passionate about public service delivery organisations fulfilling their potential as great places to work that deliver services that transform people’s lives according to kingdom values.

Andrew has spent his career in public service delivery settings of various kinds and today works as a consultant helping to improve public services through a consulting business he set up. Andrew has a wide range of Christian ministry experience from street evangelism to leading a church pastorate and has experience of mentoring growing leaders in the Church of England.

If you want to get in touch with Andrew, you can contact him at:
Ann Cheung - outdoor shot (002 Ann Cheung - Greater Manchester /Warrington in the North West

Ann Cheung is the Ambassador for Greater Manchester and Warrington in the North West. She loves working with people who are in the business of growing the Kingdom of God because it’s real, purposeful and exciting – and a real privilege. After 30 years working in the infrastructure sector as a Chartered Civil Engineer and Programme and Project Management Consultant, she’s been called to work with Christians in corporate life, Christians in leadership and Christian teams whether that’s in the corporate world, charities or churches. She is an Executive Coach and Systemic Team Coach and works to enable people to get clear, get equipped and get going so that they can live-out their calling. 

If you want to get in touch with Ann, you can contact her at: