Faith Literacy: Christian Diversity

Faith literacy bitesize

Religion and belief are key aspects of workplace diversity and inclusion. However, a large proportion of the workforce may have little personal experience of religion, and may therefore find it hard to understand or engage colleagues in conversation about their beliefs and practices, or to understand religion within wider society. That is why Transform Work UK has designed a series of short 6-8 minute videos that can be used in workplaces to help to build greater faith literacy among staff, in a way that is informative and provides frameworks for thinking about the issues.

It is envisaged that these short videos can be shown in a series of 30 minute lunchtime slots, with 20 minutes for discussion following the short videos using the questions provided. We expect that the local Christian staff network might be prepared to facilitate these sessions. People from other religions/beliefs in the workplace may be inspired to prepare a follow up talk on their belief system that could continue the series in their workplace.

Here are the PDF handouts with questions to the videos below:

Session One
Session Two
Session Three

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Supporting our staff, group members and service users

A conceptual framework to help you to understand why Christians differ from each other in their beliefs and practices. Illustrated with practical examples throughout and ending with suggestions for actions you can take to make Christians feel more included in the workplace.