Meet our Associates

Our Associates are people who are passionate about the ministry of Transform Work UK and are available to support the development of Christian Workplace Groups. If you are a group leader and would value their expertise, please do get in touch with us at

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Jeremiah Igunnubole

Jeremiah Igunnubole

Workplace Advocacy in defence of freedom of speech and religion

I am determined to see Christians empowered to live out their faith in the workplace and to be confident about their legal rights to hold to, express, and share their deeply held beliefs.

Jeremiah Igunnubole serves as legal counsel for ADF International in London, United Kingdom, with a focus on litigation and advocacy in defence of freedom of speech and religion.

Prior to joining ADF International, Igunnubole was a Senior Crown Prosecutor with the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), specializing in the prosecution of tax and social security fraud. Prior to prosecuting, Igunnubole served as Political and Military Policy Officer in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Syria Desk, fronting the UK’s strategic and diplomatic relations with the Gulf States. Additionally, Igunnubole served as CPS International Liaison Advisor, working with Embassies, High Commissions, and foreign officials to build capacity of criminal justice systems across the world.

Igunnubole earned his LL.B at University of Manchester with honours, and LL.M in Public International Law at Kings College London. Having received the Inner Temple and Duke of Edinburgh Scholarships, he completed the Bar Professional Training Course with BPP Law School. Igunnubole participated in the ADF leadership development programme to become a Blackstone Fellow in 2011. As a barrister, he is admitted to the Bar of England and Wales.

If you are unsure of your rights, first check out Speak Up and the Employers Guide to Christianity in the workplace. If you’re still unsure please don’t hesitate to make contact with Transform Work and lets see how we can help….

Andy Moore

Andy Moore

Apologetics and keynote speaker for workplace events

Andy is Managing Director of Chorus Network, a platform for professional investors who want to target competitive returns in their portfolio and use their capital to solve social or environmental problems. Andy leads a team of seasoned Investment Bankers, Family Office Managers and Private-Equity Advisors to source a pipeline of impact investment opportunities which deliver on both fronts, focussing on early-stage businesses in the UK. Previously, Andy worked as an advisor to Private Equity houses in London and in Financial Operations for a NASDAQ-listed multinational. Andy continues to advise several independent clients on issues of financial management and investor relations, as well as serving on the Board of Trustees for a strategic Christian charity.

Andy is an experienced Christian speaker having spoken at events in business districts in cities across the world from Cape Town to Zurich to Singapore to San Francisco. Andy has been invited to speak at some of the world’s largest corporates, including Facebook, UBS, Goldman Sachs, KPMG and Barclays among others. Andy is a chartered accountant in England and Wales and the holder of certificates in Christian apologetics and Theological and Pastoral studies from The OCCA - The Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics and the University of Oxford respectively. Andy holds a Masters in Philosophy from the University of Birmingham and is a keen sportsman, having played rugby to a representative level within Ireland.

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Lyndsey and Collin Seale

Workplace Discipleship & Faith Sharing

Lyndsey and Collin Seale come to us from Austin, Texas though God has had them travelling the US and the world for the past three years equipping Christians in the workplace, on university campuses and churches. Through simple methods the Seales enable Christians to bring their whole selves to work which includes the ability to share one’s faith in work.

As a former Google employee Lyndsey passes along practical knowledge based on personal experience of what it looks like to care for co-workers and to give an explanation for her actions in an environment that seems unwelcome to the Christian faith.

Collin owned his own financial practice for years and is passionate to pass along the practical methods used in sharing the reason for his faith in Jesus with others at work. Many in the office went on their own journey of discovery and are now sharing their experience with other colleagues in and out of the office too.

Collin and Lyndsey are now based out of London and are “passing along” the simple mechanisms they found fruitful in personal faith sharing at offices around the UK.

Joe Clease

Joe Clease

Faith Literacy and Diversity & Inclusion Specialist

Joe Clease volunteers for Christians in Government, where he helps to lead the Diversity and Inclusion agenda and work to raise awareness of faith literacy. Joe has a passion for encouraging and supporting Christians to engage in their workplaces on these topics, and is happy to come and talk to your workplace Christian Fellowship about what he has learned.

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