Meet the Ambassador Team 

Our volunteer ambassadors connect, equip and support workplace Christians.   They provide personal encouragement and prayer to leaders of Christian Workplace Groups and also facilitate networking events in their regions to share good practice.  If you would like to know more about being an ambassador please fill out our contact us form.

Dave MacFarlane  

Dave MacFarlane - Maidenhead & Windsor
Femi Idowu

Femi Idowu - Ambassador for London Councils
Grace Gillan

Grace Gillen - Local Government  

Grace works as a Learning and Development Officer for a local authority in the North West and co-leads the Christian Workplace Group there. She has worked in local government for six years, with over four years experience in delivering training specialising in children and young people's health, safety and wellbeing. She has a real passion for children and young people to grow up safe, free from harm and to know who they are as children of God. This has allowed her undertake mission work in different parts in Africa, where she was able to do direct work helping to increase self-esteem of young women who had experienced childhood trauma. 
Grace is an active member of church, and is excited by being called into work ministry to encourage and equip other Christians in their workplaces to share their faith in Jesus, and be a real benefit to their organisations in practical, loving ways.

Rick Pearl - Wales

Rick focuses on the public sector in Wales.
Bernadette Sam-King

Bernadette Sam-King - Wales

Bernadette has joined the team in Wales to help support and grow workplace groups. 

She has a professional background in HR & Training, and has worked for over 25 years in various sectors from charities to private sector.   She has a calling to encourage, coach, develop, motivate and nurture people to reach their full potential in all that they were created to be. Passionate about the mission to bear witness in our workplaces and be salt and light in any area of society we are positioned in.
Anna Somuyiwa

Anna Somuyiwa - Pharma

Anna is our newest Ambassador to join team. She has a real heart to support workplace Christians especially in the pharma industry connecting, supporting and equipping.   She is part of Christians in Pharmacy and the Pharma Christian Network.

Her email is 

Dave Law  - Thames Valley Area 

Dave lives in Reading where he works as a scientist for a Thames Water and heads up their Christian group. He also leads a local faith and work ministry called Reading at Work and is part of the Industrial Christian Fellowship, a national faith and work think tank. Dave is passionate to see Christians going into their workplace as missionaries.
Matt Aldridge

Matt Aldridge -Reading 

Matt worked in Publishing for 10 years, firstly in Basingstoke and later in Kings Cross. Whilst working in Kings Cross, Matt attended the lunchtime ministries run by St Helen's at Bishopsgate and it was during this time that God gave him a heart for workplace ministries. He has a strong belief that God should be placed at the centre of our '9-5'. 

Matt has since started working for a Clinical Research Organisation based in Reading where he has established a Christian Work Group for the workers of the Green Park business park. Over recent months Matt has been assisting TWUK Thames Valley Ambassador Dave Law with Matt recently joining the TWUK team as Ambassador for Reading.
Adrian Holloway sq

Adrian Holloway - Bedford 

Adrian retired in 2012 after a career spanning 38 years in local government. He was an active member of Christian Workplace Groups at all five of the Councils where he worked and was a leader for the last 15 years.  During that time, he led the Bedfordshire County Council group in a "Transforming Bedfordshire" project which mirrored and supported the Council's successful transformation initiative which saw the Council rise from zero star to 3 star status in just three years as part of the Government's Corporate Performance Assessment tables.  Adrian reported on this and the growth of the Bedfordshire group at the TWUK Conference in 2009.
Malcolm Shaw sq

Mal Shaw - Gloucester 

Mal is also one of our volunteer trustees.  Go to our 'Board of Trustees' page to find out more.
Andrew Humphreys

Andrew Humphreys - South East of England Area and Public Services

Andrew Humphreys is on Transform Work UK’s team of Ambassadors for the South East of England and is the Ambassador Lead for organisations delivering public services. All of Andrew’s work experience has been in delivering or managing different kinds of public services and he is passionate about public service delivery organisations fulfilling their potential as great places to work that deliver services that transform people’s lives according to kingdom values.

Andrew has spent his career in public service delivery settings of various kinds and today works as a consultant helping to improve public services through a consulting business he set up. Andrew has a wide range of Christian ministry experience from street evangelism to leading a church pastorate and has experience of mentoring growing leaders in the Church of England.

If you want to get in touch with Andrew, you can contact him at:
Ann Cheung Business pic

Ann Cheung - Greater Manchester /Warrington in the North West

Ann Cheung is the Ambassador for Greater Manchester and Warrington in the North West. She loves working with people who are in the business of growing the Kingdom of God because it’s real, purposeful and exciting – and a real privilege. After 30 years working in the infrastructure sector as a Chartered Civil Engineer and Programme and Project Management Consultant, she’s been called to work with Christians in corporate life, Christians in leadership and Christian teams whether that’s in the corporate world, charities or churches. She is an Executive Coach and Systemic Team Coach and works to enable people to get clear, get equipped and get going so that they can live-out their calling. 

If you want to get in touch with Ann, you can contact her at:
Rupert Bobrowicz

Rupert Bobrowicz - Peterborough

His email address is

Lee Higson - Bolton

Lee has been in the energy industry for the last 22 years but had a complete career change in September 2019. He’s now training as a Pioneer Ordinand with the Church of England.

He is passionate though about Christian Workplace Groups and started a small (3-4 of us) cell church group on the Banff, an oil rig in the north sea, which gave some really good opportunities to share Jesus at work, especially at Christmas time. 

If you want to get in touch with Lee, you can contact him at:
Carol Porter

Carol Porter - National government groups

Carol retired December 2020 from the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office where she had led a Christian Workplace Group for many years.  Now she would like to encourage other national government groups to flourish in the UK and abroad.
Steve Matthews

Steve Matthews - Liverpool/Merseyside

Steve is also one of our volunteer trustees.  Go to our 'Board of Trustees' page to find out more.


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