Ideas for Groups: Covid-19

virtual meetings Ideas for virtual meetings
Don't give up the habit of meeting together. 
Your organisation needs you now more than ever to help colleagues' well-being and mental health by connecting and supporting each other through prayer at this time.

Here for you, praying for you
Show your colleagues that you care for them at this time.  Put a response on your organisation's intranet page.  Here's an example from one Christian Council Staff Network Group based in London

Southwark Council Christian Ne10 Comforting Bible Verses During COVID-19

Thank you to Southwark Christian Network supplying the following Bible verse that you might like to use in your virtual Christian Workplace Group meetings .

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Pray for our Police
The National Director of the Christian Police Association, Lee Russell, shares three top prayer pointers.

Happy Easter
EASTER Virtual Teams Celebration
You are invited to join the Greater London Authority Christian staff network Easter virtual teams celebration on Wednesday 8th April from 1pm to 2pm.  Invite your colleagues to join us all welcome.

CIG-for-webMonday lunchtime prayers for Government
In this time of shaking we are grateful for your prayers that God would move and do what only He can do!

We are also encouraging the ramping up of prayer. During this time, we will be sharing prayer points, invitations to virtual meetings, and encouragement from our members. 


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