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Following in Jesus' Footsteps At Work

The ministry of Jesus changed the World in which we live – forever! However, Jesus did not do this on His own. He enlisted the help of a group of followers who we know as His disciples. It was after they received the Holy Spirit at Pentecost that the Good News exploded across the world. This was made possible through the power of the Holy Spirit, but also because of the meticulous care with which Jesus had prepared His disciples to take the Good News out into the World.

In many ways, Christian Workplace Groups are simply following in Jesus footsteps. Today, empowered by the Spirit, we are called to take the Good News into the workplace and we do this through the vehicle of our Groups.

This series of articles takes a look at how our Groups can learn from the way in which Jesus led His early group of followers— His disciples.

Jesus recognised the need for the assistance of a group of followers to work with him. Christians at the workplace are more effective when joined in a group.
The second in our series 'Christian Workplace Groups – Following in Jesus’ Footsteps'. Adrian Miles discusses the mixed background of individuals Jesus had in His group, and how this reflects what we often see in Christian Workplace Groups.
Setting a succinct and clear vision for the group is vitally important when starting a CWG. This benefits both members and organisational management alike. Adrian looks further at this process.
Jesus' ministry gives those in leadership positions in CWGs some clear principles to follow. Adrian Miles looks at what we can learn from the way Jesus inspired His disciples
Adrian Miles looks at the pressures facing Christian Workplace Groups and leaders, looking closely at how Jesus responded to pressure in His ministry to draw lessons for us all
Jesus knows what your Christian Workplace Group is capable of! Be confident that, if you follow the guidance Jesus gave us, your Christian Workplace Group will be a part of transforming your workplace
In the next of his series on building a successful Christian Workplace Group, Adrian Miles looks at prayer, which should be at the heart of all the group does