Towards 1000 CWGs


Partner with Us as We seek to Establish 1000 Christian Workplace Groups within the UK

At Transform Work UK, we believe the best way to make a Christian impact in the workplace is through Christian Workplace Groups working for the good of their organisation. These groups, especially when formally recognised by their employer, can, through their witness and service to co-workers, break down barriers, change workplace perceptions, and create an environment for new believers.

Over the next few years we want to push forward to 1,000 groups across the UK and beyond. But to do that, we need an army of believers who will catch the fire, carry the vision and support us financially. In short, whether you are an individual, a group or an organisation, we need YOU to partner with us.
What TWUK expects of partners:
As a partner we would expect you to engage in one or more of the following:
  • Encouraging those Christians you know in the workplace to explore whether there is an established Christian Group where they work. They can search our database of groups on the TWUK website.
    • If there is a group and it’s not on our database, to send the name and any contact details to us. TWUK will then make contact with the group and with their agreement, publicise their activities through our network.
    • If no group exists, encourage Christians to find others where they work with the idea of setting up a Christian Workplace Group. To help with this, a copy of our publication ‘Starting a Christian Workplace Group’ can be downloaded free of charge (or we can send a printed copy).
  • Spreading the news at their local church. The church can request and use our leaflet ‘Change the Place Where You Work’.
  • Encouraging others to sign up to our monthly newsletter.
  • Retweeting our tweets, Like/share our facebook and linkedIn postings.
  • Linking their local church website to ours.
  • Supporting us financially.
Partner Benefits
Partners, as well as helping us to achieve 1,000 Christian Workplace Groups, receive:
  • Regular bulletins on our progress towards 1,000 CWGs.
  • Personal invitations to local CWG networking events and our Annual Conference/AGM.
  • Paper copies of our latest publications.
  • Regular newsletters including news of what's going on with existing groups.
  • Partner materials on request to help achieve our objects.
Partners can also request a church visit by one of our staff/volunteers who will present the Transform Work UK vision and how CWGs are impacting the workplace.

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There is no other organisation dedicated to promoting effective outward looking Christian Workplace Groups across the UK and worldwide. Partner with us and spread the message: "Let every employed Christian join a Christian Workplace Group or start one."