Making a Christian Impact in the Workplace 

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At Transform Work UK, we believe that work is part of God’s plan for humankind – it’s how things get done on earth.  We need educators, health workers, cleaners, designers, engineers to make the world function.   God has made each person unique with a set of skills & passions and He wants us to use them, to put them to work, often alongside other people to fulfil our role on earth and to accomplish His plans.
However, as a Christian, we can often feel isolated in our faith in the workplace, and unsure of what God’s plan is for us. This is where Christian Workplace Groups (CWGs) can help. CWGs are groups of Christians who meet together regularly to pray for the workplace and engage in activities which bring benefits to the whole organisation and all its employees.
CWGs are being established all over the UK and come in all shapes and sizes. Some are small with just a few Christians meeting and praying, while others are very large groups in national and international organisations where they play a major role in policy development and its day to day activities. It doesn’t matter that these groups are different - they are all part of God’s Plan.

So is God calling you to set up a Christian Group in your place of work? If you find that a bit daunting, don’t worry, you are not alone.

TWUK has just published a booklet called 'Starting A Christian Workplace Group’ that builds on our experience of working with over 400 groups in the UK.  It will give you helpful tips on what to consider when starting a CWG, and takes you through a path from an initial meeting with other Christians to running a group which meets regularly and is accepted and formally recognised by the organisation.
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Starting a CWG Frontpage
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