TWUK at Events

Group Discussions
Transform Work UK organise and attend events of various types to further our work.

Events that we are organising, at which we would love to see you, are shown below.

Our calendar of workplace events, including those being held by Christian Workplace Groups and Christian Professional and Sector Groups, can be found here.

Come and hear Ros speaking at St Luke's Church, Crosby, about how Christians can excel for God at the workplace!
An upcoming event for workplace Christians in Liverpool. More details later
An upcoming event for workplace Christians in Manchester. More details later
A Salt of the Earth network meeting. Come and hear Ros Turner, Roger Beattie, Annie Houghton and Stephen Bedford talking about living out your faith in the workplace
A workshop where we will talk through the basics of starting and developing a workplace group in your organisation. It will be a practical ‘how to’ session and will be full of good news stories from across the UK of what others have done
Join this call to meet with other Christians working in the NHS. Hear the story of an occupational therapist who has set up 2 Christian Workplace Groups and is now meeting with senior trust members with the purpose of seeing that hospital flourish
Our 4th networking event for Christian Workplace Group leaders and members, focusing on being a Christian at work and building links between local churches and workplaces.
Our first workshop for Christians working in the Oxford area! Come and hear from other Christians about their experiences at the workplace and learn how to set up a Christian Workplace Group where you work
If you're a Christian in the workplace in the Suffolk area, come and meet other Christians working nearby, on how they not only survive but thrive at the workplace!
Our day together will consist of socialising, preaching, worship, prayer and entertainment It’s a not-to-be-missed day for all women both for personal refreshing and refilling so we can put on our armour and get to work.

Reports from previous TWUK events can be found here.