Discussion Topics / Series

Discussion Following in Jesus' Footsteps
This series of articles takes a look at how our Groups can learn from the way in which Jesus led His early group of followers– His disciples.
News Material
Take some news items that are relevant to your organisation and discuss what God is doing and how Christians should respond
Bring a Scripture
Get people to bring a scripture passage and share what it means for them in the context of their work environment
UCB Thoughts for the Day
Take some Thoughts for the Day published by United Christian Broadcasters and have a discussion on those relevant to the workplace
Agape Resources
Agape Ministries offer a number of resources available to download which can serve as a good basis for discussion
Short Bible Study Series
Many short study series are available which can be used to build up group members on topics relevant to the workplace
'Table Talk'  
The game 'Table Talk' provides a great way for members of the group to engage in conversation with colleagues on 'life' questions
Making Work Work
A series of eight practical studies by Marcus Nodder, minister at St Peter's Barge, Canary Wharf, looking at God's perspective on work
  Theology at Work Bible Study Series
2 recommended books that are part of the Theology at Work series, one for Christian Workplace Group discussions, the other as background reading
Dealing with Stress at the Workplace
A Transform Work UK pamphlet which can be discussed in group meetings.
  'The Servant Queen'
Just released to mark the Queen's 90th birthday this year, this book looks at the Queen's Christian faith and the impact it has had on her work for the nation 
Inspirational Talks 
Make space for people, as led by God, to bring bible-based messages of encouragement or words for the group 

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