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God is at work in the workplaces of the country! Many groups are busy being a blessing to their organisations, reaching out to their colleagues and changing the culture within their organisation.

At TWUK we love to bring you the latest news of what groups are doing, to inspire and encourage others that they could do the same! We also like to tell you about what we're doing in TWUK, as we help and encourage groups in their calling.

Here are some stories of what is happening. If you have a story to share, please let us know on
A Salt of the Earth network meeting. Come and hear Ros Turner, Roger Beattie, Annie Houghton and Stephen Bedford talking about living out your faith in the workplace
Come and hear Ros speaking at St Luke's Church, Crosby, about how Christians can excel for God at the workplace!
Our day together will consist of socialising, preaching, worship, prayer and entertainment It’s a not-to-be-missed day for all women both for personal refreshing and refilling so we can put on our armour and get to work.
A workshop where we will talk through the basics of starting and developing a workplace group in your organisation. It will be a practical ‘how to’ session and will be full of good news stories from across the UK of what others have done
Join this call to meet with other Christians working in the NHS. Hear the story of an occupational therapist who has set up 2 Christian Workplace Groups and is now meeting with senior trust members with the purpose of seeing that hospital flourish
Our first workshop for Christians working in the Oxford area! Come and hear from other Christians about their experiences at the workplace and learn how to set up a Christian Workplace Group where you work
Our 4th networking event for Christian Workplace Group leaders and members, focusing on being a Christian at work and building links between local churches and workplaces.
A report on the Christianity Awareness Week held in Ealing Council just before Easter
We welcome Mal Shaw who has recently joined us as an ambassador in the Gloucester area
The Christian Staff Network joined with the Black Professionals Network of Barclays in Canary Wharf to arrange an event: 'Easter - The Passion'. Key leaders spoke of their faith
A booklet prepared by the Church of England with some great ideas for how church leaders can equip and encourage their members who are in the workplace
If you're a Christian in the workplace in the Suffolk area, come and meet other Christians working nearby, on how they not only survive but thrive at the workplace!
An upcoming event for workplace Christians in Manchester. More details later
An upcoming event for workplace Christians in Liverpool. More details later
A report on the highly successful Barclays CWG conference 'The City Lights are On' held in Canary Wharf in November 2017
Tim Davis of accountancy firm Ernst and Young talks about the value of the CWG to him personally
The CWG at Superdry recently did the Teams4u Christmas shoe box appeal. Marion, who leads the group, talks about the benefits that has brought the group in terms of visibility
The Christian Workplace Group at Sefton Council have taken steps to become recognised as a staff network, and are seeing the rewards, as they show God's love to the workers in the Council
Ros and Adrian visited the new group at E.ON Bedford recently, and saw they were 'ready to launch'
One CWG is planning for a Christmas event with a difference in their workplace. Read about plans for an office-wide baking competition with proceeds going to charity

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