What can Christian Workplace Groups do In and Around their Regular Meetings? 

So you've followed the process of starting a Christian Workplace Group (CWG) described here.  You know a number of Christians in your organisation who want to meet together, but you are wondering… what do we do when we meet?

First we’d recommend you to keep working through the Starting a Christian Workplace Group booklet together as a team.

Transform Work UK encourages CWGs to be a positive staff resource for their organisations with their first aim being to faithfully serve their employers. When organising events and meetings for Christian colleagues, and all staff, you are creating opportunities to strengthen relationships at work, allowing staff to feel a sense of belonging and create an excitement about coming to work. This is a great benefit to the organisation, as happy staff are generally more productive.

Although we are 'The Church' as Christians in the world, the CWG is not a church in the workplace. We strongly recommend CWG members to be part of a local church, worship corporately and receive personal discipleship within a local church family. So another important aim of a CWG is to look out for the needs of its members, and support them in prayer when required. It is important that they receive ongoing support from their local church as well.

The CWG is an excellent resource for the organisation by being able to help individual colleagues tackle stress or anxiety, especially when they first start at work. It is good to know there are colleagues that understand your belief / faith and can pray with you.

Once you have worked out why you want to meet together and how your group is a benefit to your organisation, you might want to think about what to do each week. The links below connect to a range of different activities which CWGs can do during or around their regular meetings.

Remember that it is important to keep your managers and HR aware of what you are doing. Your organisation wants first class staff network groups, so make sure you include management in order that they can help you become a first class Christian staff group. Management may be able to advise you on best practice for different circumstances.  In many cases your group's activities and the means by which you advertise them will require permission.  Make sure that you discuss what you want to do first, not after the event!
Prayer candle Prayer
Canoe Activities and Events
Megaphone Raising Awareness
Discussion group graphic Discussion Topics/Series
CDDVDCollections DVD Series and Courses
Cancer Research shop Charitable Activities
Snowman Christmas
Easter-Eggs-1 Easter
Pesn and pencils Group Administration

We would like this section of the website to be an growing resource of activities that groups have tried and which work well. If you have tried something in your CWG which worked well and is not listed below, then please let us know at office@transformworkuk.org, or add a response at the bottom of this page, and we will look to add it to the list.  

Some key points:
  • Prayer, praying for the company/organisation and into God's calling on the group, should always be at the heart of everything the group does
  • The group should always remain open and welcoming to enquirers and newcomers, even those not of the Christian faith 
  • The group should always accommodate Christians from the full range of traditions, denominations and backgrounds
We have produced two leaflets to help you with organising events. They can be downloaded by selecting the appropriate icon. 
guidelines A set of guidelines to help you set up a Christian based course or event
codeofconduct A 'Code of Conduct' that you can use to inform managers of how the event wil be conducted