Ideas for Groups

Before staring any activities for your group remember that it is important to keep your managers and HR aware of what you are doing.

Management may be able to advise you on best practice for different circumstances.  In many cases your group's activities and the means by which you advertise them will require permission.  Make sure that you discuss what you want to do first, not after the event!
coronavirus green Coronavirus - ideas on how your Christian Workplace Group can respond.
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Canoe Activities and Events
Megaphone Raising Awareness
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Pesn and pencils Group Administration

We have produced two leaflets to help you with organising events. They can be downloaded by selecting the appropriate icon. 
guidelines A set of guidelines to help you set up a Christian based course or event
codeofconduct A 'Code of Conduct' that you can use to inform managers of how the event wil be conducted