What Can We Do For You?

R T  Shervin
Transform Work UK can help you in the following ways:

  • Give you the contact details of the Christian Workplace Group in your organisation, or one you are moving to.
  • Connect you with the relevant Christian Professional or Sector Group which matches your type of work.
  • Give you encouragement and pray with you to find other Christians in your workplace and form a group together. Click here to download a helpful booklet.  
Group Leaders
  • Give advice, encouragement and prayer support as you engage with your managers or HR/diversity department to gain their agreement to form a group, and then on how the group can work with management for the benefit of the company.
  • Provide you with a range of resources through our website, including ideas on things the group can do at its meetings.
  • Provide helpful TWUK publications (booklets on starting a Christian Workplace Group, rejuvenating a group that is not working so well, and managing stress at work).
  • Come and speak at conferences or seminars on topics related to Christianity at the workplace. Two seminars, which we run regulary, cover:
    • The management of stress from a Christian perspective
    • Starting a Christian workplace group and seeking recognistion within the organisation's management structures under diversity arrangements
  • Place a page describing and promoting your group on our website, or host a website for your group.
  • Give publicity to your group on our website - for the group itself, events you are running, situations vacant, good news stories, etc.
  • Publicise your group by handing out your leaflets and promoting your group, when we go to conferences.
  • Link you with events, publications and other organisations relating to Christianity at work.
  • Offer administrative support to your group, for routine admin and special events (this is currently being developed; talk to us if you'd like to explore possibilities further).
  • Give talks and lead discussions/seminars on the role of the Christian at work, and Christian workplace groups.

If you would like to explore whether we can help, please Contact Us.