Ideas for Groups: Christmas

On this page we include some ideas that groups can use at Christmas; creative activities that help to reach out into the organisation and in a positive but appropriate way touch others with the love of Christ.

We also list reports of activities that groups have undertaken at Christmas time.

We would love to hear from you about what you have done in your workplace at Christmas. Let us know of any ideas that have worked well at
Ideas for Christmas Events and Activities
Plans for our traditional carol service at the Council have had to be put on hold. Most people are working from home. How can we be good news to our organisation and our colleagues at a time like this during the Christmas season?
In this article, Ambassador Steve Matthews shares his reflections on last year's Sefton Council Carol Service and Christmas display.
Starting a choir can be an excellent way to have fun and meet new people, and introduce the Christian faith in a gentle way
Focussing a Christian Workplace Group in preparation for the Christmas carol service
Bring joy to children around the world who would otherwise not receive presents this Christmas! Fill a shoebox with presents (boxes can be ordered online), and arrange for them to reach central collection points between 1 - 18 November.
Mugs with the logo of your CWG and a simple message can be a very effective way of spreading awareness of your group and of the Christmas message at Christmas!
Give away something that speaks of the presence of God this Christmas!
A simple Christmas card given to every employee.
This is a great opportunity, as it is easy to set up a Christmas carol service that links into the Christmas cheer. This is not something you can easily do at Easter or Pentecost!
Reports on Christmas Events
An account from Susan, coordinator of the 'Christians in Discussion' group at Harrow Borough Council, of how the group put on an event this Christmas, showing so clearly the impact that a small group, assisted by others, can have if they step out for God
Collecting food tins for the needy in the local area.
How an idea for Christmas can catch on fast, instil bonhomie and cause others to ask about your Christian group

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