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Pre recorded Workplace Prayers for Thy Kingdom Come 2023

Meet the leaders of the Christian Professional and Sector groups who passionately pray for their sectors as part of Thy Kingdom Come in the Workplace 2023.
Don't just watch but join with them and intercede with us. 
"And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith." The Bible, Matthew 21:22


If you are in the workplace, why not join with other Christians in person or online to pray for your colleagues, organisations and sectors using this diary as a guide.
It is important to positively engage with your employer when organising these prayer sessions. This short guide explains why and how we should explain to the management at our workplaces what we are doing and alternatives if this is not approved.
Thy Kingdom Come is a great way to engage with all your work colleagues to come and pray if they choose to do so. We would encourage you to see this as an opportunity to start an ongoing prayer group that will last far beyond these 11 days of prayer.
Join those in the workplace to pray specifically for the different sectors. Just have a look at the timetable to find your relevant sector. Check our the dates and times with Zoom registration links
Listen to these workplace testimonies and be encouraged. If you have a testimony please email us your video or story so we can share with others.
Below are 28 prayer points that you might like to use. Feel free to pick the ones relevant to your organisation...
You can find below a range of prayer resources created by Transform Work to help you engage with Thy Kingdom Come in your workplace.