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Local Authority Christian Network 

Our vision for the Local Authority Christian Network is that every Christian working for Local Authorities is connected to other Christians, either through a Christian workplace group within their organisation or through this online forum.

Beyond local groups and regional networks we meet to connect, support and equip workplace Christians via quarterly online networking events.

To check whether there is already Christian workplace group in your local authority, go to our Christian Workplace Group page and search for your workplace, here:  www.transformworkuk.org/find

If you are part of a Christian workplace group in  your local authority for which you work, please register your group with us here:  www.transformworkuk.org/add

If you would like to start a Christian workplace group in your local authority for which you work, please also register your group (as above) and, you can find helpful resources for that here:  www.transformworkuk.org/CWGbooklet

You can also get in touch with us using our contact us page

If you work for a local authority and would value connecting with other Christians the below meetings are especially for you.  They are an opportunity to share challenges and testimonies of what the Lord is doing in your workplace and to share good practice too.

Christian Council Staff Network are reaching out virtually using their intranet page
Join our next zoom call for those working in Local Authorities across the UK.
In this article, Ambassador Steve Matthews shares his reflections on Sefton Council's 2019 Carol Service and Christmas display.
Steve Matthews reflects on the carol service at Sefton Council - how it was organised, how it was received, and how to go forward
The CWG at Bedford Council have gone through difficult times as councils have merged and downsized, but a faithful few are rejoicing in God's goodness, and have already laid plans and sent invitations for this year's Christmas carol service.