Water Company Christian Network 

Transform Work UK currently has 7 Christian Workplace Groups and 3 individuals wanting to set up groups in their water organisations so we thought... let's have a zoom call so you can all meet and share what the Lord is up to in each or your groups in your organisations. 

If you work for a Water Company and would value connecting with other Christians in your sector this meeting is for you. Please come prepared to share 

  1. what your group is celebrating in your organisation
  2. one major challenge you are facing as a group

 I'm sure we will all be encouraged and able to celebrate with you and also help find solutions to the challenges and then use points 1 & 2 as prayer guides.

If your water company is not already listed on our database please fill out our contact us form.   

https://discoverwater.co.uk/water-sector according to this website organisations we don't yet have contact with are

  • Yorkshire Water
  • Southern Water
  • South Staffs Water
  • South West Water
  • SES Water
  • Portsmouth Water
  • Northumbrian Water
  • Bournemouth
  • Bristol
  • Cambridge
  • Essex and Suffolk Water

So we've got a long way to go.  If you know any Christ followers working in the above, please do invite them or put them in touch with office@transformworkuk.org we'd love to connect, support and equip.  We will pray for divine connections with expectation that each one will be connected in in 2022!

Date:  Tuesday 25th Jan 2022
Time: 5-6pm
Where: on line via zoom


Meeting ID: 893 8675 5165
Passcode: 195892

Water Company Christian Networ


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Join our next zoom call for those working in Local Authorities across the UK.
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