Yearly Round Up 


The end of another year... I wonder how your Christian Workplace Group has developed?  

So how has your group gone this year?  The highs the lows, why don't you have one last group chat and share.  It is a great practice to stop and reflect.  Below is a short report one group from the  Oxfordshire County Council Christian Network Group:

  • Having started in January the group has now grown to 30 members with between 13-16 attending each of our twice-monthly meetings.
  • We have covered topics such as “What is Prayer?”, “How can I show Jesus at work?”, “What is Halloween all about?” and “How can I hear God?”
  • We prayed for the workforce with roughly 30 specific requests for prayer on the “International Day of prayer for the emergency services”
  • From January we’ll have carried out 6 “Donuts and Disagreements” meetings with fire crews, spending a couple of hours on each discussing deep questions of faith and Christianity
  • On Monday we distributed mince pies, a note about the group and a hand-written card (with John 3:16 and a message of gratitude and hope) to every fire station in the county and most departments within the county council – we’ve received good feedback from this!
  • We have connected with the Christian Ambulance Association now as well as the Community Church Networks in Oxfordshire, leading to them agreeing to take a video from us to all 50 of their churches as advertisement for the group in January. In return we will advertise their services for members to attend, if they want to! 
  • I am really excited about what God has done in 2021 – for me it’s been a fairly dreadful year culminating in Covid last month, but for the group it’s been a great one! Thankyou for your prayers and support for the’s hoping 2022 brings even more exciting things to come!

We would love to hear your yearly rounds ups, the ups and downs so we can encourage other leaders and also spend time in prayer for you.  Please do contact us.


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