Hallelujah, hallelujah

The Christian Group at Thames Water have put together yet another brilliant Christmas song to share with all staff.  Very creative, changing the words of the well known Hallelujah song into reflect the first Christmas story featured from the Bible with great visuals. Thames Water have done a brilliant job! This recording depicts the working culture of the day with colleagues singing from home, others social distanced out side the office whilst others are filmed in the office.

Thames Water is an inclusive organisation, allowing colleagues of faith to express themselves and bring fun and joy to all staff through a simple song this Christmas season.

Thames Water Carols 2021

So how has your group gone this year? The highs the lows, why don't you have one last group chat and share. It is a great practice to stop and reflect. Below is a short report one group from the Oxfordshire County Council Christian Network Group:
Here's an example from Thames Water's virtual carols from last Christmas.
A local Authority took up the challenge to create a Christmas video for all staff. More than just a bit of fun!
The Whitehall Carol Service is arranged for Government and the civil service by Christians in Government UK, a Civil Service staff diversity network.
Plans for our traditional carol service at the Council have had to be put on hold. Most people are working from home. How can we be good news to our organisation and our colleagues at a time like this during the Christmas season?
Getting Quirky Creative at a local authority this Christmas
Meet Ofonimeh Umoh Abudu, Trustee and Director, who starts of with a few lines of Joy to the Lord and then shares her heart passion for all workplace Christians this Christmas time.