Ideas for Christmas 


Recently 20 workplace Christians joined a zoom call to share ideas of how Christian Workplace Groups could celebrate Christmas within their organisations whilst so many are home working.  Here are some of their ideas...


Intranet System / Yammer

During the advent season why not retell the Christmas story on your intranet system.  This could be videos, written words, someone from your group reading the story from the bible.  You could use an Advent calendar for this and knock on a virtual door to reveal each day's contribution!  
What does Christmas mean to you? 
Videos of staff sharing what Christmas means to them.  Encourage a mix from your group and all staff especially those from other cultures to share to encourage diversity and inclusion.  It's a great way to learn about other cultures .  Endeavour to ask senior managers to join in if possible.   If you are organising an online Christmas event, let people know their videos will be shown at the event to encourage them to log on and join your Staff Christmas event.
Testimonies of what you do at Christmas  
This is an important one as many people from other faiths or countries think that because we live in the UK we are automatically Christians.  It's a great opportunity for all to learn about Christian based Christmases. 
Work Calendar
If you haven’t done so already, ask HR / D&I managers if your organisation will allow religious festivals to be highlighted on your work calendar with pop up boxes explaining what the festivals are about.  This is a great opportunity for all staff to learn about other faiths from their colleagues.  Ask if you as the Chair / Leader of the Christian Group could write the information about Christmas and Easter.  Make sure there is a link to your Christian Workplace Group in the pop up information boxes so staff can connect and receive  support from your group.
Give outside your Christian Workplace Group this Christmas time
Encourage food banks
Christmas hampers for the low income households
Toy appeals 
Tacking debt - help your colleagues by publishing 10 top tips for staying out of debt this Christmas (we can provide these for you). 
Christmas Prayer Tree
You are not forgotten.  Add your name and any need you have to the Christmas Tree this year and we will pray for you.
I wonder if electronically we can get a tree image on the organisations website.  And colleagues somehow write their name on a star or bauble and then they place it / hang it on the Christmas tree.
If people are actually working in offices – ask if you can bring in a real or artificial tree, cut out stars / baubles with string and encourage people to write their names and any issues for prayer on there.
Christmas Chocolates (heroes)
Ask management if the Christian Workplace Group is able to buy a big box of chocolates and leave in reception area for all staff who have to go into the building whilst others are working from home.  It’s a thankyou present from their Christian colleagues for all their hard work, especially the cleaners etc…

Ideas for an online all staff Christmas event

Online Quiz
Great idea to have fun online quiz and also bust a few myths about Christmas.  Make sure you have a fun pressie for the winner.
If you’ve already created a quiz are you able to share it with Christian Workplace Group leaders so we don’t have to reinvent the wheel?
Try and include questions that relate to your organisation or seniors as it’ll be it more personal and fun. 
Christmas message / word from senior managers
Always worth asking your CEO / senior managers if they would be prepared to give a 2 minute message to all staff this Christmas time to encourage and give hope.
This is a great way to engage with your organisation and make your group known but also to align your group with seniors is a great endorsement / validation for a Christian staff network group.
Community Cohesion
Encourage the local school choirs to record a carol for your Christmas event
Encourage the local mayor to give you a 2-3 mins pre-recorded word for your Christmas event 

Music / Singing

Christmas song in the style of The Blessing
Pre-recorded, from members of the Christian Workplace Group to the whole organisation.
If your organisation has a choir ask them now to pre record a carol / song to play.

 Live performance songs
If there’s a member of your Christian Workplace Group or in your organisation with a gift/talent for singing…

 You-Tube Christmas Carols
If you don’t have staff who can sing, don’t worry, there are plenty of carols and Christmas songs you can view on you tube.
Sharing a Word from the Bible
Ask a local church leader if they would pre record a 4-5 mins message
Could someone from your Christian Workplace Group pre record a 4-5 mins message
Invite the leader of a different staff network group, LGBT, Disability, BAME group to do a Christmas reading – give them the text. 
Be inclusive
As a group discuss and pray about how you can be inclusive.  There are many forgotten people at work, those that live on their own, cleaners, those from other people groups – reach out and go beyond your normal conform zone to share the love of Jesus this Christmas time who took the initiative to come into our world.
Be relevant
Don’t do ‘church’ in work but make it fun and relevant by including items about your organizations and key senior people.  You may want to interview the reception people as everyone will recognise their face… etc…
Be Invitational
Before: If possible build up to your Christmas event but having a quiz beforehand, or testimonies or reading of the Christmas story and after each entry on yammer… invite colleagues to your event.
During: if you would like us to pray for any need you have please email prayer@ and we have a team who will pray for your now.
After: At your event make sure you say if you’d like to know more about the Christian faith, as a staff network group we’re running a 5 week course to help colleagues discover more about our faith.  And then list the topics.  Can you believe the bible is true? Why did Jesus die on a cross?
Be Prayerful
‘our prayer line is always open’  encourage prayer  - please email our prayer@... Email.

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