Praying for our Professions and Sectors


Christian Medical Fellowship iChristian Medical Fellowship

CMF have many excellent resource .  Click HERE for a 7 day prayer guide for Christian Healthcare Workers and COVID-19


dentistsChristian Dental Fellowship

Pray for our patients who are in pain, especially children, and now have limited access to dental care. Pray for compassion, patience and healing.
Pray for dentists who at the same time as being concerned for the financial viability of their practices, are triaging patients with dental emergencies and for some being redeployed to the urgent dental care centres and to hospitals. Pray for strength, courage, wisdom and sufficient and appropriate PPE.
Pray for peace and wisdom for our dental schools and students, and dental policy makers in this country.  We also pray for overseas dentists and missionaries at this challenging time, for the resources to physically tackle coronavirus in their communities and for spiritual and physical protection and strength. 
We give thanks for the Christian Dental Fellowship, who are offering pastoral care and prayer support to the dental profession, both to CDF members and non-members. We praise God for raising up people in prayer at this time and for the Saturday morning online prayer meetings that brings encouragement, support and hope.

CiP prescription cabinet 2 Christians in Pharmacy 

Community Pharmacy
1) Like a lot of health workers access to PPE and protection  for pharmacists and their staff
2) strength to cope with the increased work load
3) Supply of medicines for them to dispense ( and that patients won't stockpile)
4) Arrangements for delivery to high risk groups
Hospital Pharmacy
All of the above plus ask the Lord to clear the blockages to supply of ICU medications.
1) Increased work load with reduced access to central resources
2) wisdom for those who have to evaluate and approve new designs/supplies of equipment such as ventilators and PEP
3) wisdom for those evaluating/ approving clinical trials of potential treatments and vaccines
Pharmaceutical scientists/ pharma Industry
1) Divine inspiration into understanding of the virus and potential treatments and vaccines.  That they will not go down any dead ends and that progress will be supernaturally fast
2) for any impediments to the manufacture of medicines and vaccines both new and existing to be removed
3) same for supply issues
4) proper supply of essential medicines to resource constrained countries
Academic pharmacy
1) great wisdom for selection of the next generation of students
2) wisdom about how to help the students who are coming to the end of their studies to properly complete them


Love Early Years.jpegLOVE EARLY YEARS

Reflect on Matthew 19 v 14 Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these”
Let’s include in our prayers:
 - Young children in our local communities, in nurseries, play groups & churches. For wisdom and support for staff as they support children in their vital foundation years.
 - Families, remembering those known to us, praying protection and support for children and those who care for them.
 - Babies and children at risk or with special needs, those on protection plans or vulnerable, many of whom are affected by stresses in our society.
 - Young children across our country for them to have freedom to enjoy our amazing natural world, to experience the joy of exploring play in all its forms.
 - For young children across our world, many facing danger and fear.
 - For the love of Jesus to surround our little ones everywhere!

CANLogo (002)Christian Academic Network

  1. Praise God for the immense creativity and contribution to the cause that has unfolded in our Universities over this time across the academic disciplines and for the Christian academics who are part of that. We yearn that Christ would be honoured (as He once was) as the creator of all things and the source of all knowledge. Universities were founded by Christians who believed that a rational God had created the world, and given us the capacity to learn and understand it.
  2. Please pray for academics under increased work pressure in a less comfortable environment with practical difficulties in carrying out research, engaging with students remotely and carrying out alternative assessments. We desire that students and other professors would perceive the love of Jesus through these Christian professors.
  3. Please pray for the long term sustainability of our Universities to develop as scholarly communities for the public good in the world beyond. We pray through this God will raise up movements of Christ-following professors at every university in Europe, so that Christian professors are connected to one another rather than isolated and are serving as lights in the spiritual darkness around them.
  4. Please pray that through this, changes in how Universities work being brought about by new ways of working with serve the kingdom of God and making Him known.
CPA-UK logo 3x2
Christian Police Association
The National Director of the Christian Police Association, Lee Russell, shares three top prayer pointers. 
1. For communities to respond positively to the restrictions and help the police help the community in this
2. For a reduction of crime and disorder during this time.
3. For the safety of all our officers and staff who are still working – keeping communities safe.

 Lee also suggests to read and meditate on the following  Psalm 121

CIG-for-webChristians in Government
In this time of shaking we are grateful for your prayers that God would move and do what only He can do!

For those of you who find prayer guides useful to aid praying for those in Government, you can download our new prayer guide for April to June here

CLIS logo
Christians in Library and Information Services
However, one thing is certainly true, covid 19 is coming but so is Easter. Of the two, Easter is more important. 

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