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Thy Kingdom Come in the Workplace 2023
Inviting colleagues

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Thy Kingdom Come is a great way to engage with all your work colleagues to come and pray if they choose to do so. We would encourage you to see this as an opportunity to start an ongoing prayer group that will last far beyond these 11 days of prayer. Transform Work UK will be able to help you achieve this if you want to continue after this time, and we will show you how to link up with them at the end of the 11 days. 

Here are some ideas of how you can engage with your colleagues.

Intranet and email

Once you have received permission from your management (click here to find out how

  • Communicate to your work colleagues in advance that you are holding daily prayer meetings as part of Thy Kingdom Come, you may be able to use the company Intranet or send an email out - where possible include in standard company communications 
  • Encourage colleagues to sign up in advance to receive a daily email from the journal and to put a system in place for your group to email those wanting to receive the Thought for the day.
  • Add the Thought for the day from the journal onto the company Intranet each day, you may also be able to add a specific web page for your group. 


Celebration and challenges 

As part of your communications, ask for thoughts about all the good things your organisation has achieved in the past, the present and aims in the future. Invite your colleagues to join in as you ask them:

  •  What do you like the most about working here?  
  • What is the best work we’ve achieved as an organisation?  

You might like to do the same in regards to challenges.  

  •  What is your greatest workplace challenge at the moment? 

Then when you come to pray you will have praise points to thank the Lord for all the good work and provision of your workplace.  You will also have prayer points to get on your knees and intercede asking the Lord for his hand and his wisdom on the challenging issues.

 Prayer journal 

As a group you might want to purchase a number of Prayer Journals from Thy Kingdom Come’s resources page and with permission from management you might like to

  • give out to your work colleagues as a gift, maybe as part of a Diversity & Inclusion budget, or from an existing Christian Workplace Group
  • leave them in your organisation’s multi-faith prayer room
  • leave in the canteen area with a note saying ‘free meditation resource please take
If a lot of your workplace colleagues are working at home, you may need to ask them to order directly from Thy Kingdom Come.


Kick-off prayer meeting 

We would encourage you to use the first meeting on Ascension Day 18th  May 2023 as a kick-off prayer meeting. Do try and make people comfortable so they will want to come on this journey with you. Some of the following may be helpful;

  • invite a senior member of your organisation to attend this first prayer meeting and explain how important it is to the organisation
  • set the scene before launching into the reflection, explaining that the prayer meetings are for 11 days, people can come as they are able, they can join after the start if they are delayed etc
  • if there are a small number of people, most of whom have not met together, you may want to introduce each other
  • use the Thought For The Day to help people understand the importance of praying in your workplace (the reflection is on Jesus as a worker)
  • don’t force anything, be gentle and listen to what people have to say. 


Wellbeing meditation  

Silence is the theme for Day 10 - a gentle whisper.  

Although this is on Saturday 4th June you might like to take this opportunity to engage with your organisational lead on wellbeing or mental health. As part of this, seek to 

  • arrange a meeting with them and share about Thy Kingdom Come  
  • work with them on setting aside an area for quiet reflection, whether a multi faith prayer room, chapel, quiet space or a room booked every day from May 26th to June 5th for silence.
  • encourage your work colleagues to take time in their lunch or coffee breaks to simply sit in silence. 
  • make sure you have the Prayer Journals available for people.