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Workplace Prayer Diary 2023


               Click here to download the pdf Workplace Prayer Diary

TKC Workplace Diary

In our prayers for our workplace, we are focusing on the goodness of our Heavenly Father and the blessings that He pours out on us as we work. We are praying that our colleagues know the power of God in their lives and that God will transform the organisations where we work. Each day there is a short  reading and guidance for reflection. We encourage you to join with colleagues if you already know or can find other
Christians in your workplace.

We would encourage you to pray for five colleagues who do not yet know the love of our Heavenly Father that they may experience His love and commit themselves to Him.

If you work a Monday-Friday week,
you may want to use the weekend reflections individually and share
your experiences next Monday.
Alternatively, you could join together with your work colleagues online at
the same time each day.

Thu 18 May - Day 1


Reading: Luke 24:50-53
  • As we meet together to pray for our workplace today, we remember how our Heavenly Father sent us His only Son Jesus to reconcile us to Him. Jesus is now ascended and prays for us.
  • Jesus was a worker, a craftsman, a self-employed worker. Consider the
    dedication he would have shown to his work, to his customers, the quality of his workmanship.
  • Today agree or confirm five colleagues to pray for and commit them to God. Let us also lift up any of our colleagues in need today that they may know the love of God in Jesus.
  • Over the next few days, let us rise to the challenge of following Jesus in our workplace, to care for those we work with and to deliver great service to our customers.

Fri 19 May - Day 2


Reading: John 3:16
  • Our Heavenly Father loves us so much He sent His Son to die for us so that we should have everlasting life
  • Every day is a new day, full of opportunity. Great is God’s faithfulness, new every morning are his mercies. The God who made the universe is with us every day in our workplace, caring for us and  wanting to share the work day with us – the frustrations, the challenges, the pain of failure, the thrill of  achievement.
  • God is with us whether we are working physically together or online. He is our ever-present help in times of trouble. He loves us and our colleagues unconditionally.
  • Let us pray for a rising awareness of the love of our Heavenly Father in our workplace, that we may praise Him and give Him the glory. Let us name the five colleagues we are praying for and ask God that their hearts may be opened to Him.
  • Let us be increasingly conscious of the needs of those we work with and get alongside them in love as we work. Why not ask those you work with whether there is anything they need prayer for.

Sat 20 May - Day 3


Reading: 2 Timothy 3 :16-17
  • As we come before our Father in prayer each day, He speaks to us, giving us guidance through the Holy Spirit. He speaks directly to us, through our colleagues, through our experiences at work and most especially when we read the Bible.
  • Reading the Bible on our own or with colleagues can help us to understand the value of our work and how we can give glory to God through it.
  • Reflect on how God provides us with the insight for innovation, the creativity to bring products and services to market, the resilience when we are under pressure, the joys of success.
  • Spend time letting God speak to you about how you can help to transform the culture and values of your workplace.
  • Pray for your five colleagues and ask God to speak to them in whatever they are doing today.

Sun 21 May - Day 4


Reading: Genesis 1:1 and 27
  • The same God who created the heavens and the earth is interested in our daily work and He can bring fresh thinking and fresh creativity to our work, wherever we work.
  • Today, let us reflect on the week that has passed in our work, confess our failures and receive forgiveness and new life for the new week. Ask our Heavenly Father to help us see new ways of living at work where we can enrich the lives of our colleagues, to give us open hearts and minds to create a more vibrant, loving community wherever we work.
  • Let us commit ourselves to do better in this new week, to look out for those who are finding work difficult and stretch out a hand to help.
  • Remember to pray for our five colleagues and for creative ways to reach out to them in love.

Mon 22 May - Day 5


Reading: Matthew 7: 7 -11
  • Our Heavenly Father delights to give us the desires of our hearts. As our Heavenly Father pours out blessings on us, let us also give ourselves away to our work colleagues this week.
  • Pray that God would warm your heart to be able to witness to your colleagues.
  • Consider who in your workplace feels marginalised, unnoticed, ignored. How could you give your time and energy to help them feel valued? Could you do this as a prayer group?
  • Choose to spend time with someone on the outside today and get to know them. Let them know you care and offer the love that your Heavenly Father shows you every day.

Tue 23 May - Day 6

Walks with us 

Reading: Psalm 23 :1-6.
  • Our Father is not a distant God, Jesus taught His disciples to be intimate with the Father, saying Abba Father. He walks with us throughout our lives – whatever is happening in our workplace, He is with us there.
  • There can be many frustrations in our workplace, and we can be tempted to react in negative ways, talking harshly to our colleagues, cutting corners and trying to avoid hard or tedious activities. It is into this environment that our Father sent His only Son Jesus, so He understands our work challenges.
  • Jesus encourages us to bring our needs to our Heavenly Father, who loves to supply our needs. There are many things to pray for in our workplaces – peace and tolerance between colleagues, healing where there is division, guidance in
    making decisions, perseverance in difficult or tedious activities.
  • Reflect on the challenges in your workplace and bring them to God in prayer. Resolve to talk to Him through the day and pray for situations as they arise.
  • Pray for your five colleagues that they may see us walking with God and want to know more.

Wed 24 May - Day 7


Reading: 1 John 5:14-15.
  • Busyness and business are two different things, but so often we confuse them. We can practise being aware of the presence of our Father in our workplace, learning how to be still inside, regardless of any external pressures. Are there things we could do as individuals or as a prayer group to help our organisation? Today, let’s actively seek to be helpful to our colleagues, to look out for times when they may need or appreciate our support.
  • Our Father provides guidance as we come to Him during our working day. He helps us to maintain a sense of purpose and worth throughout the challenges of our working day, when technology or suppliers fail us, when we have a hectic day of meetings, or we are unable to meet the expectations of our customers.
  • Let us seek to keep our prayer channel open today as we listen to God. Let the pressures of the day be relieved by His presence and a knowledge that He delights in us and in our colleagues.
  • Come let us bring our successes and failures to Him throughout our working day, and share our faith with others, offering to pray for them if they need support. Remember to pray for your five colleagues asking God to provide
    opportunities to share your faith with them.

Thu 25 May - Day 8


Reading: Psalm 46: 1-3
  • Our Heavenly Father knows when we are finding a working day hard, harder than usual, but He loves it when we cry out to Him for help in our troubles.
  • We are called to help those around us, to be salt in the workplace, to improve the flavour of the culture we are in. As we pray for our workplace, let us ask our Father to show us who we can help, what opportunities there are for us to support our colleagues, and how does our workplace need to be saved or transformed.
  • Let us consider how as an individual or as a prayer group we can bring our Father’s love to our colleagues. Pray for your five colleagues that they may experience the love of the Father.
  • Today, let’s actively seek to be helpful to our colleagues, to actively look out for times when they may need or appreciate our support.

Fri 26 May - Day 9


Reading: Matthew 28: 16-20
  • Jesus left His disciples with a challenge - to disciple the nations. We as workers have the same challenge – to disciple those we work with, to disciple our  organisations. 
  • Let us pray today that we may provide examples in our working lives that bring our colleagues nearer to our Heavenly Father, that we may see ways to be light to our colleagues and that we may transform our work by His love.
  • Pray for your five colleagues and ask that you may have an opportunity to
    explain the hope that lives within you.

Sat 27 May - Day 10


Reading: Isaiah 61:1-3
  • We are called to bring good news to our workplaces and to bring freedom, release, comfort, joy, and praise to our organisations.
  • Our Heavenly Father anoints and commissions us to be good news to
    our workplaces. Let us listen to His voice revealing to us how we can be
    transformed so that the light of Christ is visible in us and will help transform our workplace, our relationships with colleagues, customers and suppliers.
  • Let God bring to mind the experiences of the last week in the workplace. In the good times and the bad times, ask His forgiveness for any failures and praise Him for any wins.
  • Listen to what God has to say about your workplace and write down anything that may be helpful in the coming week. Resolve to share these words of life with your prayer group if you are not meeting today.
  • Pray once again for your five colleagues that they may feel God’s love today.

Sun 28 May - Day 11


Reading: Acts 2:1-4
  • Jesus promised to send his followers the Holy Spirit as a comforter to us.
    Today we think about how The Holy Spirit came upon the first disciples at Pentecost, the courage this gave them and how the Holy Spirit enabled them to move forward in power.
  • The Holy Spirit came when the disciples were gathered together in prayer. 
  • Welcome the Holy Spirit to come into your workplace, to transform your workplace and to enable God’s kingdom of love and peace to come.
  • Again, pray for your five colleagues to experience the power of the Holy
    Spirit in their lives.

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