Let the Peace of God rule in our hearts this Easter


CLIS logoThe President of  Christians in Library and Information Service, Richard Waller, shares his thoughts on the current situation.

In common with many of the founder members of CLIS back in 1973-74, I am getting older. Some of us (and by no mean just those getting older) are in that unfortunate grouping of ‘pre-existing medical conditions’ that seems peculiarly liable to fall prey to the coronavirus that is causing such alarm as I write this on the evening after the Prime Minister made the first announcement of restrictions due to the pandemic. Who knows what will have happened by the time you read this.

However, one thing is certainly true, covid 19 is coming but so is Easter. Of the two, Easter is more important. This world may be full of trouble and alarm, and people are panic buying, filled with a fear that isn’t altogether justified, although in all truth the situation is serious enough. Easter tells us that no matter what happens, God is still on his throne and rules over the affairs of mankind. The Lord of History is not surprised by the advent of pandemic coronavirus.

Christ has died and risen again and the triumph of God is fully assured and those who trust in him are in his hands. Christ is the first Easter He is Risenfruits of the victory that God has achieved over the fallen world. We have his promise, guaranteed to us, that he cares for us and will look after our best interests. Others can panic if they like, it isn’t fitting that the community of the redeemed, trusting in the risen Christ, should be filled with fear, but rather filled with the peace of God that passes all understanding.

Maybe this Easter will be unlike any other any of us can remember. Will it be safe to hold church services by then? Who knows? The future is in the hands of God and the power and truth of Easter does not lie in the services, although we will miss them if they don’t happen, but in the power of God who raised Jesus for our justification as the Scriptures tell us. We can keep Easter in our hearts no matter what is happening outside. Easter is what it is all about, sin is defeated, death is defeated, there is life eternal for all who trust in the risen Lord.

May God bless us all with his peace at this Easter time.
Richard M. Waller. 

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