Prayer Pointers - Coronavirus

coronavirus greenThe UK could be the nation where we don’t see Coronavirus bringing in fear and taking lives. Why? Because the people of God whether they are working at home or in the 'office' are praying and fasting this plague out of our country!  We are praying for the good and the health of this wonderful nation, our home, the UK!

Here are a few pointers which you may find helpful as you pray:
  • Pray for your colleagues that they will be safe that they won’t lose loved ones
  • Pray for the organisation you work for, that it will be able to get through this time financially secure and prosperous
  • Pray for local authorities, charities and other organisations providing public services, that critical services will be able to continue to those who are in the greatest need
  • Pray in particular for front-line staff in our hospitals, for skill, wisdom and protection  
  • Pray for Boris Johnson, for Matt Hancock (Secretary of State for Health) and for the Chief Scientific & Medical Officers for wisdom in advising what steps need to be taken in order to give maximum protection
  • Pray for the founders of companies / directors / chief executives and their families, many of whom will be feeling the pressure of this uncertainty
  • Pray that they would make wise decisions and be a calm presence at this time.  
  • Pray for wisdom and sensitivity for your managers and colleagues in a fast moving situation when new guidance and advice is issued regularly  
  • Pray for continued orders coming in our companies and that work will still go ahead
  • Pray for single mums and dads who can’t afford to have time off work, for those that are vulnerable in your workplace  - physically and emotionally
  • Pray in particular for extra protection on the older members of your organisation as they are most vulnerable.
  • Pray that the uncertainty caused by this virus would open up doors of opportunity for the gospel, that we who know Jesus will be able to share our faith. It is at these times that people ask questions and are more open to faith because it is a time of life or death for some.

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