eNewsletter 14th August 2018
bright-bulb-close-up-1108572Revival is at Hand!

Do you realise we are looking at revival! Quietly, unseen by most, revival is taking places in our workplaces! As Christians come together and bring tangible benefits to their organisations, things are changing! ReadElizabeth's article to find out how!
rose-729509 640Do Not Despise Small Beginnings
One of our key objectives at Transform Work UK is to connect workplace Christians to share good practice. This is why our regional networking events are so important for us. Read more here and watch what happened after a recent networking event at Google in London.
Barclays newsletter Q2 19Barclays Christian Forum
The second quarter 2019 newsletter of Barclays Christian Forum is full of interesting articles about what the group have been up to both within the UK and around the world. Features include Alpha in Singapore and the 24/7 Virtual Prayer Room. Take a look here.
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