eNewsletter 27th June 2019

Through their Christian Workplace Group, God gives individual Christians the opportunity to influence their organisations for good, bringing benefits way beyond their size. God has given us the privilege of being his 'foot soldiers' in the workplace. We hear many stories of Christians stepping out boldly for their God, and amazing favour being given. Be bold this summer - bring a positive influence as you work for God in your company or organisation! 
adult-advice-businesswoman-702Word for Work - Influencing Seniors  Our Ambassador Team Lead Elizabeth Ukiomogbe starts a series of blogs by drawing on stories from the Bible to show how Christians can practically bring influence in their workplace. Read more here.
Bromely Council Femi Visit 201Femi Visits Bromley Council Christian Workplace Group  TWUK Pastoral and Prayer Lead, and Ambassador for the London Councils, Femi Idowu recently visited the Christian Workplace Group at Bromley Borough Council. Here is an account of his visit, written by the group leader. 
PamphletsLinks to Downloadable Items  We've brought together here in one place a number of the items you can download from our website. TWUK booklets and some from other organisations are gathered here to help you in your walk in the workplace.
Femi 3x2TWUK's Femi Idowu on Premier Radio  Femi was recently interviewed on Premier Christian Radio. Listen to the interview here. Femi talks about the huge growth in the Christian group at Brent Council when he was there, and the many things that CWGs can do to bring the presence of God in their workplaces.
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