Christians in Government Easter Service 

Ros & Eliz Westminster Abbey
Transform Work UK attended the Christians in Government Easter Service held at St Margaret’s, Westminster Abbey, where Sir Winston Churchill was married in 1908.

Ministers, civil servants and ambassadors gathered to reflect upon and also to celebrate the events that took place 2000 years ago but which still have such an enormous significance today. The four reflections were provided by John Kirkby CBE, founder of Christians Against Poverty (CAP), whose theme centred on what Jesus is doing today through CAP. Reaching over 23,000 people every year, CAP releases thousands from the misery of debt and poverty, with many putting their faith in Jesus during the process.

Christians In Government seeks to bring the blessing of God to the heart of Government by organising seminars and events that connect and equip Christians working in this field. They have dial-ins to support departmental Christian networks; they have prayer and worship meetings for Government and the UK; they also organise government-wide services such as Christmas Carol and Easter Services and they run courses that raise awareness of Christianity. Finally, they bring a Christian contribution to diversity and inclusion as well as other policy- making and civil service interfaith activities.

Their mission is to connect Christians in Government, equip, empower and encourage one another and to inspire a Christian perspective in Government.

Transform Work UK has worked with Christians in Government since 2008. We support them as an organisation in a range of different ways, including attending and speaking at many of their events. Ros Turner, Transform Work UK Operations Director has particularly invested a lot of time and resources to speak at their various events around the country. We are also their prayer partner in a lot of ways. We pray for them constantly and strategically bearing in mind the vital and key role they play at the heart of the government of our nation.

Christian in Government's Easter Event took place at a very painful and sensitive time when our nation was in the throes of the Brexit debate. It was good to see politics take a back seat as all aspects of Government came together to celebrate the level ground that Jesus Christ won for us at the Cross. It was a joy to see hearts and minds focused on this one thing at such a pivotal time. There were no ‘leavers or remainers’ in sight. All were one in Christ Jesus.


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