Prayer and Pastoral Care from TWUK 

Femi sq
As TWUK supports Christians in the workplace in establishing and growing groups that contribute to the development of their organisations and give support to their colleagues, we are always mindful of the need for spiritual back up to group leaders and members.

TWUK have a weekly telephone prayer call, which is led by the core team and open to all TWUK prayer team members, to cover ourselves and those we work with in prayer. Anyone is welcome to submit a topic for prayer via the link here or by email to

We are now expanding the scope of prayer and pastoral support we give to include referrals on pastoral matters from work place groups and individuals. This could take the form of one-to-one prayer sessions and low level confidential Christian counselling sessions or face-to-face interaction as appropriate. 

We want everyone we work and relate with to know we are here for them, and to take all our cares and burdens to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Referrals can be made directly to Femi, our prayer and pastoral lead, via or through our office or any member of TWUK.