eNewsletter 21st August 2018
The Lord's Work! 

Thames Water CWG leadersWhen we can, we like to bring you news of what Christian Workplace Groups around the country are doing. The group at Thames Water in Reading was recently invited to participate in the company's Learning at Work Week. This gave the group a great opportunity to bring a message on a theme which let the group be known, allowed them to explain the gospel and also contribute towards the company's objectives. They chose to look at networking - drawing parallels between Jesus' Great Commission, how this was an invitation to Christians to network with others and share the Good News, and how networking can be so valuable in a work context as well. It was an excellent opportunity for the group to make a positive contribution towards the organisation. Read more on how it went here.  

Some other news in brief:

  • Facebook live link'Lunchtime Live'  Have you seen Ros and friends on 'Lunchtime Live' at around 1.05pm on a Wednesday afternoon yet? We recently started these Facebook Live sessions lasting around 10-15 minutes and hold them most Wednesdays. They give us an opportunity to bring news and inspirational comment to you or your group. Why not set up a laptop in your meeting (if you meet on Wednesdays) and join us? Click on the image to the right to see Ros' recent interview with Paul Tyrell, leader of the London Christian Police Family.
  • checklist-2077020640Have you responded to our Survey Monkey questionnaire on our name? We are giving some thought to whether we should make a change to our name and branding, and we would like to gather the views of as many people as possible. Please let us know what you think by using the link here. Does the name Transform Work UK still work for you where you are? Do you think our branding is still relevant? 
  • pound-685059640Did you know that TWUK has a Tithe Fund? We place 10% of our income into a fund from which we help those outside TWUK. The money can be used to support events and activities which are in line with our vision. Would your group like to receive a gift from this fund? If so, let us know via office@transformworkuk.org
Be blessed as you work!

The TWUK Team