eNewsletter 31st July 2018

So much of our work is about connections! Connecting Christians into groups at their workplaces; connecting ourselves with potential leaders to encourage and help them to grow groups; and, connecting group leaders, sharing good practice and stories so that together they can be more effective for God in their organisations.

Chart-close-up-data-590022Lately, we've been wondering if the name 'Transform Work UK' still fits what we do. Some have commented on how the name could be improved, although others feel it still serves our vision well. Also, is our branding still doing what we want it to do?

Will you help us find the way forward? We have compiled a SurveyMonkey questionnaire which you can find here. Could you please take 10 minutes of your time to give us your answers to the questions. It will help us considerably to know what our supporters and contacts think of our name and branding as we move forward with the work.

Some other news in brief:

  • This year we received a prophetic word that there would be an international dimension to our work. A few weeks after this, an organisation called Faith and Work Movement got in touch. They are based in the US and have a very similar mission to ours. They, like us, grow and support Christian Workplace Groups in organisations in the Silicon Valley area. Their groups are known as ERGs – Employee Resource Groups. It is such a joy to know God is building workplace groups in the US as he is here in the UK. Roy Tinklenberg, who leads this ministry with his wife Esther, is in the UK at the moment and is facilitating a Testimony and Sharing Night at St Helen's Bishopsgate this Thursday, 2nd August, at 7pm. Come along if you're in the area! Click on this video to meet Roy beforehand.
  • We are building an ambassador team in Bristol! Mal Shaw, who joined us recently as an ambassador based in Gloucester, has been working on contract in Bristol. He has since developed connections with a number of local leaders to support Christians in the workplaces around Bristol. So if you work in Bristol and would like to get involved in what God is doing there, email mal.shaw@transformworkuk.org and find out what is planned. More news of this soon!
  • Thankyou to all who responded to the request in the last eNews to support us financially. We are taking on a part-time Team Administrator this week, and have just received a wonderful offer to help fund one additional day a week for one of our paid staff. There is also the possibility of providing a second additional day if TWUK can raise additional funds to contribute towards this! That would increase our effectiveness amazingly! Can you help us? Please click here to make a donation or get in touch if you want to join with us in the work and help make us more effective in bringing Christians together in the workplace to bring benefits for the organisations.
Be blessed as you work!

The TWUK Team

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