Called to Prison! 

chainlink-690503640Never in her wildest dreams did TWUK Operations  Director Ros Turner think she would end up in prison this year …  but that is exactly where God took her.  

In October 2017 a friend of Ros’ who works within the Prison Service, asked if she would like to be his guest at an event launching a book called ‘Prison Hope’.  Her response was thank you for the invite but it’s not mainstream Transform Work UK business, so she declined.  During that same week two other people spoke to Ros about prisons.  After the third conversation, where this time she was asked to go into a Prison, she gently but firmly declined… “Thanks for thinking of me but honestly there’s nothing within me that wants to go into a prison but I’m glad the Lord is using you there…”   

As Ros put her phone down, it dawned on her that within one week three people had called out of the blue to talk prisons.  She looked up and said, “Father are you trying to tell me something?”  Immediately a Holy Spirit inspired thought popped into her mind, most Christians go into prisons to care for the offenders, but who is caring for Christian staff working in prisons?  

‘Boom!  Lord you have my attention, what do you want me to do?’

The next week Ros was at the launch of HOPE Prison and on mission to talk to as many people at that gathering to discover if any of them, from prison parachurch organisations to prison chaplaincies actually purposefully supported Christian staff.  AND the result was as the Lord has said, that most support the offenders rather than staff. 

The following day Ros accepted that third invitation to go into Prison in spring 2018.  Excited but apprehensive, Ros filled out the necessary documentation and security checks.  As she crossed from reception into the prison the first notice board she saw had a large plasma screen on there with the words ‘Diversity and Inclusion’. Underneath it listed the usual protected staff groups but unfortunately as usual the Christian group was missing.  Next to it was a poster with the title ‘Wellbeing’.   These sign posts stuck out like a sore thumb to Ros. It was if the Lord was saying, ‘ This is going to be easy… the framework to grow Christian Staff Network groups within the Prison Service is already established… all you need is to find Christians working in Prisons’. 

Transform Work UK are so excited to be coming alongside Christians in Government to celebrate and pray for the Prison Service in the UK at their Termly Service for Government and the Nation with a Focus on Prisons.  If you are a prison officer, administration staff, educational staff, security staff, trainers, cleaners, governors working in prisons, we would love to be in touch with you to support you as a Christian in this most important workplace.  Ros will be hosting the Transform Work UK stand at this event. Please do go along and meet her there and add your details to the sign-up sheet.  If you are unable to make the event in person but are keen to be involved in this movement, please contact she seriously can’t wait to connect and support you. 

If you work in the Prison Service, the Lord has an A1 plan for our Prison Service and it includes you!