Redundancy from a Christian Perspective 

Youre fired
Company restructurings, mergers and rationalisations are all aspects of the modern working life and are, all too often, a subtext for staff redundancies. Christians are in no way free from these troubles and whether you're of faith or not this can be a very unsettling time. The threat or reality of redundancy is often accompanied by negative emotions of fear, anxiety and anger. We know that Christ is for us and has a plan for us but it is only natural to have these feelings - I know I have!  So how does the Christian Workplace Group (CWG) react to a situation in which an organisation or department is struggling with issues of job insecurity and low staff morale? All too often the reaction is to go to ground and enter a self- preservation mind-set, thinking, 'I'm too consumed with working to keep my job’, rather than engaging with the CWG. 

In my experience, often the strongest witness of the CWG is through difficult times such as these. During my previous employment, the company embarked on an office closure affecting 400 staff followed by a merger and finally several waves of redundancies. You would think this level of disruption would have had a negative impact on our CWG, in fact it the opposite was the case! The CWG acted as an oasis amongst the uncertainty of  working life and many who had no previous contact with Christianity started to join for support and prayer. Although many group members were lost as a result of redundancies a new group has re-emerged from this legacy and last year held a very well attended carol service. The group continues to meet and pray and having 'come through the other side' are all the more stronger. It is through difficult circumstances we can be the light in dark places. 
Matt Aldridge
TWUK Reading Ambassador

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claraalbert (Guest) 27/08/2018 08:31
A test of a Christian's individual is what he does after he involves the blockade in the road and what his mindset is after the entirety has left him except Jesus

Grace Wolfe (Guest) 08/09/2018 20:18
Thanks for posting this. I wish it was able to be translated, but for some reason

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Blythe Andrade 20/12/2018 07:57
In my experience, often the strongest witness of the CWG is through difficult times such as these.
arjun (Guest) 16/05/2019 10:42
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