eNewsletter 18th May 2018
What an Amazing God We Serve!

diamond-gem-cubic-zirconia-jewThe God we serve is truly amazing! Whether in the workplace, at home, with family or in our churches! The kaleidoscope diamond with its radiant and dazzling spectral colours reminds us of the beauty, complexity and diversity of God's creation. What riches there are in our God! How can we take this into the workplace, as we worship Him in our work, and we seek to honour this amazing God? Elizabeth looks further, and draws on the example of this diamond and the magnificent extent of creation to stimulate us to respond to the calling of our great God in the workplace.  

We are Looking for a Team Administrator!

Working-34067851280We are excited at how God is growing our ambassador team. Recently we have made some changes in the structure of the team, with Elizabeth assuming the role of Ambassador Team Leader. This gives Ros more time to focus on the task of building TWUK, as well as continuing to work with a number of groups which offer significant growth opportunities. To support this work we are looking to recruit a part-time team administrator, to work around 16 hours a week in support of the ambassador team. Could this be you, or do you know someone who might be interested?  The job specification can be found here. Please reply to the office by 10th June with CV and letter of interest if you would like to apply for the position.

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Be blessed as you work!


Trevor Payne
The Transform Work UK Team

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