Thy Kingdom Come in the Workplace  

Thy Kingdom Come is a global prayer movement that invites Christians around the world to pray for more people to come to know Jesus. There is a week of prayer from 30th May - 9th June 2019, and this would be a great opportunity to share the good news in your workplace or business in an engaging and creative manner. 

Here are some suggestions of the activities that you could engage in. Wherever you work, you should always ask for permission from your managers or Human Resources - many HR departments would be willing to provide support as part of their diversity initiatives. 
Activity 1 - Bring to the Cross
Take a large piece of paper and draw a cross outline on it (maybe do this in advance).  Write the following words on the paper in the following places and pray for each of these in turn for the company:
  • “Leadership” at the top
  • “Activities & processes” on the left
  • “Respect & values” on the right
  • “Customers” in the middle
  • “Staff” below this
  • “Menial work” at the bottom  
Talk through how these align with the Kingdom of God. 
Pray that God’s kingdom would come in each of these areas. 
Activity 2 - Prayer Map
  • Take a large map of the UK or area the organisation operates in. 
  • Find out details of smaller regions within the area - the leaders and specific details about the area. 
  • Run through each region and write the leaders on one post-it and the specific details on others. 
  • Pray that God’s kingdom would come in each of these areas. 
Activity 3 – Company Model
  • Build a rough physical model of the organisation or part of the organisation. For example, the building if you are in a large building such as head office or school, the factory, or the outlets. You could use Lego, cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, or just draw it. 
  • Pray in turn for each part of the organisation represented by the model and the people who work there, their activities and the suppliers and customers. 
  • Pray that God’s kingdom would come in each of these areas. 
Activity 4 – Prayer Postbox
  • Set up a postbox and ask staff to write prayers for the organisation - or alternatively issues, challenges and hopes. 
  • Open the postbox in a meeting and use the messages as a basis for prayer. 
Activity 5 - Annual Report
  • Take a copy of the organisation’s annual report and take it in turns to read the executive summary aloud. 
  • On a large piece of paper or whiteboard, write down items for prayer, such as parts of the organisation, changes that have been introduced, changes that are planned, challenges. 
  • Then pray for each of these points in turn. 
Activity 6 - Serve the Organisation
  • This could take many forms. 
  • For example, if the organisation has a coffee bar, pay for everyone’s first coffee of the day. Put up a notice explaining that this is a free gift from the Christian group. 
Activity 7 - Prayer Walk
  • Walk around your building and stop for prayer at a number of points, maybe each department. 
  • Pray for what you see, either silently or carefully aloud. Maybe take a banner which says “pray with us here” and invite people to join in. 

These are just some examples which could be further developed. Example prayers could also be developed for different parts of businesses, such as customer services or operations. Remember – always get permission from managers and HR before you undertake any of these activities