Welcome to New Ambassador Mal Shaw! 

We've recently welcomed Mal Shaw to TWUK as an ambassador in the Gloucestershire area. Mal has been instrumental in helping a number of groups nearby. This is what he had to say after joining us:

I am delighted to be joining the Transform Work UK team as a volunteer ambassador for the Gloucestershire area. We have an amazing opportunity as Christians to meet together in our workplaces and to bring benefits to the places where we work as part of God’s kingdom, and this vision is an integral part of Transform Work UK.

Over the past year, I have been involved in running 3 Gloucestershire networking events with Transform Work UK and I have been excited to see the Holy Spirit moving in our local workplaces following these events. 

As an interim project manager, I move between major companies in the financial services sector, a sector which has been and continues to be a stressful area. Christian workplace groups can start to infuse stressful workplaces with the love and peace of Jesus Christ.

My previous 2 contracts were at Nationwide Building Society and Phoenix Assurance, where I started Christian Workplace Groups and which continue to grow and develop. I am looking forward as part of the Transform Work UK team  to help those Christians working in Gloucestershire to start and build workplace groups.  

(Guest) 18/04/2018 14:29
Welcome Mal!
God bless you
Steve Matthews (Guest) 23/04/2018 14:33
Always exciting to hear of God at work in work! Might it be appropriate to do an article for a future TWUK newsletter giving more info on how you have seen the Holy Spirit at work in your local workplaces, to encourage and inspire others? I trust you will continue to see God opening up opportunities in other workplaces in the Gloucestershire area.
Abbie Alaric (Guest) 27/04/2018 12:06
I moved toward her about a worry on my bill as I was looking at, and she tended to it instantly and with genuine gratefulness for me as a longstanding client of the inn. Ambassador Mal Shaw truly sparkled, and I'll intend to come back to the inn due to her help.

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shawnjasper (Guest) 27/06/2018 05:30
I believe that he is the best guy and always keen to move with a positive attitude. I am sure that different ways of enhancing the career could be learned from him.