Building an Altar in Your Workplace  

workplace-1245776640This article is reproduced from the Kensington Temple magazine 'Revival Times' of March 2018.

We asked Elizabeth to relay a little of what she does - to help stimulate some thinking of what you can do too:
I work for Transform Work UK as a Lead Ambassador. TWUK actively demonstrates that, ‘your occupation is the location for your true vocation’ as it supports Christians not only to live out their faith in the workplace but also to bring a positive, Godly influence on their organisation. We do this almost exclusively by facilitating the development of vibrant and effective Christians Workplace Groups (CWG) which provide a perfect platform for Christians to respond to God’s call to be ‘Salt and Light’ in the marketplace, wherever that might be in society. They are encouraged to be outward-focused and engaged with the organisation.
We have found that by encouraging and supporting CWGs to gain formal recognition from their organisation’s management, as a Staff Network Group, it allows them to become integrated and provides a legitimate basis for their existence and activities. This presents the perfect opportunity to bring transformational change to the organisation. 

God is working through ‘little people’ who are often the minority to bring truth, integrity and love into an often times hostile environment. The moral high ground is being taken by the Christians who are called ‘the foolish and the weak’. They are penetrating society with the healthy influence of our salt-like presence and illuminating society’s thinking with the light of Gospel values.
We encourage believers to find other Christians in their workplace and to organise themselves so they can pray, support one another, and engage outwardly by organising events that benefit the organisation not just spiritually but in positive, meaningful and practical ways. Christian Workplace Groups are overwhelmingly the most effective way to confidently be ‘Salt and Light’ in the workplace.

This is how you can build an altar and make a difference for the Lord in your workplace:

1.     Find the Christian Workplace Group in your organisation; or, start one.
2.     Purposefully pray for the organisation, its management and colleagues.
3.     Plan to organise an event that benefits the whole organisation like Alpha in Workplace, a talk at Easter, a carol service at Christmas, supporting the organisation’s chosen charity, etc.
4.     Get all the necessary permissions, take the necessary steps and the Lord will come in and do the seemingly impossible. He will bless the Christians for the benefit of the organisation and for His glory in the workplace.

One example of this is the Christians at Barclays Canary Wharf who recently organised an event called, ‘The City Lights are On’. It was attended by 280 people from 30 different companies.
Why don’t you actively begin to pray, seek out fellow believers in your workplace and bring them together to form a workplace cell group?