eNewsletter 16th January 2017
Happy New Year! 

A Happy New Year to all our friends! We hope you had a relaxing Christmas and New Year break and are excited for all the Lord is going to do in workplaces across the country this year!

As our team gathered together at the start of this year we received a word of encouragement for our Christian Workplace Groups. As we prayed we were reminded of David in the Bible, who was first and foremost a worshipper before he was a warrior. He was someone who knew the Lord intimately as well as being a fighting man. As we head into 2018 we want to encourage you together as a workplace group, either face to face or on conference calls, to be like David - to have a heart of praise and thanks, because Jesus is our King and Saviour. We also want to encourage you together to be warriors in prayer. If you are not praying for your organisation or workplace or colleagues, who is? Wouldn’t it be amazing to have teams of Worshipping Warriors in organisations across the UK who seek to be a real benefit to all? WOW!
umbrella-1587967640The God of Diversity
Elizabeth looks at the evidence in God's work of creation, and in nature around us, which shows that God is a God of diversity. There is so much variety in the world He has created. Many employers recognise the strengths in the diversity amongst their workforce. The diversity agenda provides a basis upon which Christians Workplace Groups can be formally recognised within an organisation. Elizabeth challenges us to embrace the realities and strengths of diversity. Read more here.

City lightsReport on the Barclays 'City Lights Are On' Event
We include a report on this great evening that was held in Canary Wharf last November.  A number of CWGs joined together and arranged an evening where Christian senior executives explained their life stories. This proved to be an extremely powerful format to enable Christians in the workplace to come together and be inspired. Read the report here.
Business man at deskDetermining a Strategy for your Group
In the second of our series of four, a Christian HR manager looks at a model to help determine a strategy for your group. Could these simple steps help you capture your plans for the year in a way that all can understand and support? Read more here.
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Be blessed as you work!

The TWUK Team


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Raj (Guest) 25/09/2018 10:02
First of all wish you all a very Happy New Year in advance for the Year 2019. I read this article about New Year and I think you are an amazing writer, I like your article and I appreciate efforts.