Building a Strategy for your Christian Workplace Group 
by the Christian HR Manager - Part 1

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This is the first in a series of 4 articles on the development of a Christian Workplace Group written by a Christian HR manager in a major company. These articles contain tips on how to develop a strategy for your group, and gain endorsement from company management in a way which helps to build a thriving group with good foundations. 

If you want to gain recognition for your Christian workplace group from HR it is important to develop your strategy and also think about how this can benefit the business. Think about the following questions:
  • Why have you set the group up and what is its purpose?
  • Who will be leading which area in the group?
  • When will you meet?
  • How are you going to achieve your goal?
  • What are you going to do?
You can think about your different audiences internal and external.
Internal Christian members
  • Organise lunches
  • Organise socials
  • Set up bible studies
  • Set up a prayer group
  • Use resources such as ‘God at work’
Internal non-Christians
  • Outreach events such as Easter talks
  • Carol service and Christmas events such as a choir
  • Alpha or Christianity explored courses
  • Advertise group to new joiners as part of induction
  • Health and wellbeing events
  • Pastoral care for those going through redundancy
  • Talks on stress or stressful processes such as annual appraisals
  • Multi-faith events
External to organisation
  • Invite external people to events including potential clients
  • Linking in with other Christian Workplace groups and their events
  • Networking events on topics of interest.
What areas will the Group focus on?

It is crucial to consider what areas you are going to focus on to make sure you are not spread too thinly. The strategy you present to HR may have a slightly different focus in that you need to link the objectives of the group to the diversity strategy and how it can benefit the business. Through highlighting, for example, events on health and wellbeing you can show how your goals align with the business goals which will help to gain the buy-in needed to get formal recognition of the group.