E.ON Bedford CWG ready to Launch

EON Bedford
Ros Turner and Adrian Holloway, the newly appointed regional ambassador for Bedfordshire, visited the offices of E.ON in Bedford on 9th November 2017 for the inaugural meeting of their CWG. 

They received a warm welcome from the group leader, Femi Aiyepeku and 8 other staff members who attended during the course of the hour long meeting and shared their backgrounds and aspirations for the group. 

Matt Wood who co-leads the E.ON Group Christian Network shared some of his experiences at other E.ON sites and Ros gave some examples of how other CWGs had successfully engaged with both staff and management in their workplaces.  Adrian also gave a brief outline of how God had honoured the group he led at County Hall, Bedford.

One particular issue for the group will be coordinating lunch breaks on meeting days as most people are on fixed half-hour slots.

Interest was expressed in getting involved with the company’s existing social activities such as the upcoming “Elf Fest” celebration - a seasonal celebration in which staff are encouraged to adopt fancy dress and take part in various games and activities. The new CWG will be running some scripture-based games with appropriate prizes.

Now the group is all set to re-energise the company with their prayers and presence!

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The new CWG will be running some scripture-based games with appropriate prizes.

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