eNewsletter 21st November 2017
Please Stand With Us! 

Samuel City LightsClick on the video to the right and you will hear a story of the impact of an event we put on with the Barclays Christian Workplace Group last week in Canary Wharf, London. An amazing 280 people of all faiths gathered, to hear inspiring talks, many senior staff giving a clear account of their Christian faith. As a result, new CWGs are starting up on Canary Wharf and some groups which had been struggling received great encouragement!
None of the TWUK team likes asking for money – in common with many Christians, we find it somewhat intrusive, preferring to get on with the job, and often lacking in boldness in sharing our needs. However, we were reminded recently that God wants His work to be resourced, and that we have a responsibility towards this. So we would like to invite you, as one of our regular contacts to join us and be part of the work, by giving financially. This is, of course, if you are not already doing so.
TWUK has always been a faith-based organisation. Half of our income comes from regular donations and half from one-off gifts. Rarely do the books say that we have funds for more than 4 or 5 months ahead, but God has always delivered! Over 90% of our costs are for staff. We currently engage 2 paid staff for a total of 19 days a month. Our aim for next year is to increase this to 30 days a month, and also for our regular income to increase so we can give the paid staff more appropriate remuneration. Supported by 11 part-time volunteers, whom we value greatly, these paid staff are available during the day and are able to achieve enormous impact in terms of networking.

Would you be willing to join us in our vision to continue to serve Christians in the workplace by building strong, effective Christian Workplace Groups, that are changing the cultures of their organisations? If you want to see the work of Transform Work UK placed on a secure footing, and our resources increased so we can step up our levels of engagement, then please consider making a donation, or, ideally a monthly commitment, even of as little as £5 a month.
Thankyou for your support.
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Be blessed as you work!

The TWUK Team

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