The Great Christmas Bake-Off 

Many Christian Workplace Groups have made arrangements or are putting in place plans to hold Christmas events in their workplaces. Transform Work heard recently of a novel approach to this.
Rupert Bobrowicz co-ordinates a branch of a Civil Service Christian Network. Rupert is already making preparations to hold a special Christmas workplace event, even though it's only September!
For the last few years his Christian Workplace Group has held a carol event in the workplace. Rupert is continually trying to refresh the approach to this carol event and tells us:
“Instead of calling this the 'Christmas Carol Event’ or 'Xmas Factor', I have now renamed this event as the 'Advent Carol Event' (ACE!). In addition, I realised that staff love cooking and eating, particularly at Christmas, and this gave rise to me thinking of introducing a change to our traditional Christmas carol event. 
Our organisation supports a local charity each year and the idea came to me to introduce a "Great Christmas Bake Off" which would double up as a fund raiser as well as providing refreshments, alongside modern day cafe church style worship in our main canteen area.
I hope to invite willing volunteers to prepare in their own time, suitable festive cakes with a Christmas theme i.e.: Angel cakes, star cakes, sheep dropping cakes etc. These will be judged by members of our charity committee who have also agreed to supply other edibles (hopefully) and then perhaps a prize and photo(s) of winner(s) for the office magazine. Proceeds of sale will go towards this year's nominated charity (East of England Air Ambulance). 
In a real answer to prayer, for the first time ever, management have granted staff 30 minutes facility time to attend this year's event, which hopefully will boost attendance. More prayer is needed!

  • if you feel you cannot achieve anything, God is our source of help and inspiration.
  • as you step out in faith He will open doors and opportunities for you. In persevering Rupert has drawn inspiration from the fact that ‘if you do not do this, then who will?’ 

I pray that this event will serve as an encouragement to other Christian Workplace Groups, and that together we may see God's blessing upon those who attend and contribute.
‘Glory to God in the Highest; Peace and Goodwill to all’"  
I wonder if you feel inspired by what Rupert is doing? Please join with him in praying for the success of this event.
Will your Christian Workplace Group be holding its own Christmas event in your workplace? If you have any events planned, please let us know about them and we can include them in our newsletter and on our website.