eNewsletter 12th September 2017
My Workplace ... or My Nation! 
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Transform Work UK believes that every Christian has a role to play in their workplace – to live out their Christian faith amongst their colleagues and, together with others as a group, when approaching the company or organisation.

But have you ever stopped to think – does this just apply to yourworkplace? No it doesn’t! We believe in change across the nation, with each company or organisation seeing Christians coming together, doing good at their places of work and bringing real, positive benefits to where they are and in the work and effectiveness of their companies or organisations.

It’s an amazing, positive vision which can be achieved, if we all embrace it together! Let's keep going forward - and see what God has in store next!

Survey Time
Survey resultsRecently, we asked a few CWG leaders 2 questions:
- What is it that TWUK has done for you that has helped you the most? 
- What is your greatest need as a Christian in the workplace? 

How would you answer those questions? If you haven’t already, let us know what answers you would give by emailing ros.turner@transformworkuk.org. When you’ve done this, click here to see a summary of 43 responses to the first question.
TWUK Prayer Call

mobile-605422640Every Wednesday lunchtime, we have a 30 minute telephone prayer call at 1pm where we pray through issues that have come up during our contact with groups. We appreciate that this time won’t suit everyone, but if you’d like to join us, please contact us on office@transformworkuk.org
Christian Workplace Groups – Following in Jesus' Footsteps
Footsteps in sandAdrian Miles has just completed his series on starting and growing a CWG – 7 helpful articles which are all available here. Take a look - it might help your group at its current stage of growth. If you would like a copy of our workbook guide to starting a CWG, one can be obtained here

Other Articles this Month

Support from others

Business man at desk
The Value of Christian Fellowship  Elizabeth Ukiomogbe talks from her own experience of the value of support she received from other Christians at work Business Needs our Faith More than it Thinks it Does!  TWUK ambassador John Kay identifies 5 ways in which living out your faith at work helps you and your organisation be more successful
Next TWUK Workshops/Supported Events
ManWarwickshire CWG Leaders Networking Event - 12th September 2017
A networking event and workshop for those interested in developing a Christian Workplace Group in the Warwickshire area.
Cardiff logoCardiff CWG Leaders Networking Meeting - 19th September 2017
Come and join CWG leaders and those interested in starting groups from across South Wales as Ros speaks about starting a CWG and brings stories from her travels across the UK.
LIverpoolLiverpool Networking Event - 10th October 2017
If you're a Christian in the workplace in the Liverpool area, come and meet other Christians working nearby, and hear Ros talk about starting a CWG where you work.
City lights'The City Lights are On' - 14th November 2017
Put a note in your diary - Christian Workplace Groups on Canary Wharf are coming together in November to share and celebrate! 
light-1603766640TWUK Workshop: Christian Witness at Work - Peterborough - 21st November 2017
If you find it hard to live out your faith at work, come and hear stories of how Christians together at the workplace can bring about positive change and thrive
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Be blessed as you work!

The TWUK Team


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