eNewsletter 8th August 2017
Hard at Work! 
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Transform Work UK is busy growing Christian Workplace Groups across the nation! Over the years, we have seen many examples of what CWGs can achieve in helping transform workplaces for the better. These examples are why we believe strongly in the vision of workplace transformation and in seeing Christians working actively to make a real difference to their workplaces.

We want to let you know just how the work is going over the next few months. To the right are some illustrations of how we're helping Christians thrive at the workplace. You can read the latest updates of what's going on through the links below.

Please continue to pray for the work of our Ambassadors and the support team in their vital work of encouraging CWG leaders and their groups.  

bicycle-788733640August is a time that many are away for summer holidays. If you are on holiday, perhaps enjoying a break in the countryside, we pray that you will have a restful and relaxing time.  
Here are some links to stories of what's going on amongst the groups, showing how groups are making an impact on their workplaces. There are also 2 inspiring articles from the TWUK team. Click on the pictures to reach the articles.
Post a prayer Footsteps in sand Simon Ambulance network Girl in forest DfES
A great idea for bringing positive benefit to an organisation - a prayer postbox, as implemented by Network Rail In the last of his series of articles on 'CWGs - Following in Jesus' Footsteps', Adrian looks at keeping going when times are tough! A new Christian Professional and Sector Group has been formed in the ambulance service, the Christian Ambulance Network Elizabeth, one of our lead ambassadors, looks at lessons from Moses' life which we can apply when times seem hard Ros saw real growth in the Department for Education Christian Network in London on her last visit
Next TWUK Workshops
ManWarwickshire CWG Leaders Networking Event - 12th September 2017
A networking event and workshop for those interested in developing a Christian Workplace Group in the Warwickshire area.
Cardiff logoCardiff CWG Leaders Networking Meeting - 19th September 2017
Come and join CWG leaders and those interested in starting groups from across South Wales as Ros speaks about starting a CWG and brings stories from her travels across the UK.
LIverpoolLiverpool Networking Event - 10th October 2017
If you're a Christian in the workplace in the Liverpool area, come and meet other Christians working nearby, and hear Ros talk about starting a CWG where you work.
City lights'The City Lights are On' - 14th November 2017
Put a note in your diary - Christian Workplace Groups on Canary Wharf are coming together in November to share and celebrate! 
Be blessed as you work!

The TWUK Team


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